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Offroad downunder battery tray and Battery size

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  • Offroad downunder battery tray and Battery size

    Just wondering what type/size (max amp hours) battery, paj owners have managed to squeeze into this style of dual battery tray as shown on ebay or the Offroad down under site. They state that an Optima D34 yellow top will fit, but has anyone managed to find something with a higher amp hour rating, Scoured the dual battery threads but havent heard mention of this tray. It fitted well and seems quite similar to the Piranaha tray.

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    Some years ago, there was mentioned one of these fit:

    The highest capacity I have seen fit the Piranha/TJM type tray

    They are bit pricey though.
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      I have a 80amp hour battery in my TJM battery tray.
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        Try a marine battery. Same size. 770cca and 100hour reserve. Also has core stabilisers top and bottom. Normal car batteries are just on the bottom. May be just the thing. Worked for me.


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          Battery tray dimensions

          Thanks for the replies. Should have been a bit more specific, the tray I have installed is designed to take a 10" (250mm) battery. I was wondering what the best (highest amphour?) option would be. Or has anyone managed to squeeze a 260mm into this tray without putting too much pressure on the aircon pipes. Ac Delco do an 80ah battery which is 260mm long. Has anyone had anything to do with this brand? ( A little put off by only 6 month warranty on their deep cycle batteries?)


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            AC-Delco is a good brand, owned by General Motors, but do not know where they manufacture locally sold batteries.
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              Today i picked up a 70Ah AC-Delco deep cycle for $85(link below) and have 2 7Ah sealed batteries in the rear where the air-con is in the exceed so no wasted space and a combined capacity of 84AH

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