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  • Australian Ultimate Suspension

    I'm in the process of upgrading my original suspension and have chosen ultimate suspension for my lift kit. After a few emails I have decided to go Hd springs in front with there Aussy ryder gas twin tube shock in front and a Md spring in rear with airbags and hd covers for the airbags with there Aussy ryder twin tube gas shocks. My question is what are people thoughts on on there products? There have been a few Gen 3 owners a while back fit them and have been happy with them, just wondering how they are traveling a couple years later?
    Cheers Richard
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    they should be fine, like all shock absorbers and springs .. tho shocks mostly they will degrade over time and with use.. the harder the use the quicker the wear..

    technically the springs absorb the shocks and the "shocks" are actually energy dampeners (converting the energy from the shocks to heat etc.).. but i digress here lol.. you should get around 30~40,000km easy from a shocks often more as we tend to be careful with our rides or the wife will kill us lol.
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