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Help needed please

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  • Help needed please

    Hi all
    i have a 2005 np exceed dads been driving it the last few weeks including this morn all of a sudden the key doesnt turn in any locks including the ignition .
    does this model have some sort of chip or immobalizer that would cause this .
    we have been through everything in the car but cant work it out .
    any help or advise would be greatly appreciated .
    thanks in advance .

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    does the key fit in the barrell of any of these mentioned ? are you using the correct key as allways used ?
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      yep its the right key it fits all the barrels .just cant turn it. there doesnt seem to be any damage to the key to cause it either.


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        err sounds like the wrong key for the car..

        they will fit but not turn..cause you cant reach the right tumblers with the wrong key
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          Do you have another key for the car and given it a go? Does the remote work unlocking the doors?

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            You're not trying to get into the wrong Paj in the carpark are you?
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              If it wouldn't turn in one barrel, it would be the barrel. If it wont turn in any, it can only be the key.
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                I lost the second key . The remote isn't working now either.
                It is the right car. And the key doesn't turn in any barrel. It was all working fine inc remote . I have taken the key to locksmith and he thinks it's in good cond and should work fine .it is a mystery


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                  Sure someone's not taking the mickey & changed plates with the same car because I've never heard this before! Has to be the wrong key!

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                    It did cross my mind when dad rang and told me of the problem.
                    so i went there this avo and yep its the only black exceed with 285/75/16 and a hacked up winch bar to fit i high mount winch that i know of . its definantly the right car and the right key .mm have never heard of it either so a lock smith is coming tommorow to have a look and try to work it out . i thought if it is common or not someone here might know something. i will keep you all posted as to the result and the fix.
                    thanks all for your input


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