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Jack issues (& good deal on 6000kg bottle jack)

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  • Jack issues (& good deal on 6000kg bottle jack)

    The genuine jack that came with my Paj, on level concrete, on the correct jack point on the passenger control arm, would not lift the car to a height that enabled wheel removal. Annoying. Glad I found out before I was stranded somewhere.

    The trolley jack I have had for years, at the correct jacking point on the front cross member, lifted the car up enough to make me think I'd have success, but it wouldn't lift the wheels off the ground enough to remove them. Annoying. I've often used a block of wood in this situation, but it was a bit paranoid that the weight of the Paj would obliterate the wood and drop the car.

    Anyway, wanting a bottle style that can be tucked away somewhere with the LPG tank I found this beastie, pictured next to the factory jack:

    It fits under the point fine when retracted, and goes to 477mm rather than the 346 of the factory unit.

    Anyway I'm posting this because Repco has a sale on this weekend, it was $32.99 instead of $67.99 or something ridiculous... Just in case anyone else is in the same boat. This will replace the factory Jack for me.
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    In the gen 2 Pajeros, the factory bottle jacks will leak fluid if stored in the factory mount with the 'bleed screw' (the one that makes the jack go down).

    They can sometimes be returned to serviceable condition by adding more oil and bleeding them (if your lucky).

    I also suggest that the after market jack will actually work on YOUR car with a flat tire. When I bought my Paj, a previous owner had replaced the factory jack with a similar jack to the one you bought, with a screw adjustable shaft. The shaft had to be screwed down to get under the diff with a flat tire but with the shaft crewed down, it did not provide enough lift to install the pumped up replacement tire. Therefore, it was basically useless!
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