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NP alloys on landcruiser hubs ?????

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  • NP alloys on landcruiser hubs ?????

    Hi All

    Is there anyway I can fit my NP alloy wheels on my camper trailer that has land cruiser hubs. It would be good to have all the same wheels trailer and car. Seems the centre of the NP alloy is smaller and the wheel studs on the trailer are slightly bigger as well.
    I know I can get steel wheels the are inter changeable, but I already have the rims.
    So your thoughts and advised would be appreciated.



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    You have two choices. You either bore the alloy larger, then lose the concentric ring load support on the vehicle, or you machine the hub. You will also require 1/2 lug nuts to mate with the hub.
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      You will also have to make sure the hubs are from an 80 series or earlier. 100/200 (and possibly Prado) are 5 stud, vs 6 on the Paj.
      Cheers, Bundy.

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