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A shockie Q for the NP

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  • A shockie Q for the NP

    I just had the first for me service of my new to me NP @ 180K, and it got a great report card from my very long term mechanic. But new shocks were recommended to replace the old originals. I can't do upmarket due to budget, and frankly have no real idea. But I've been looking at Lovells Gas Legends and maybe even springs to restore original or better ride height (It has a bar). Could I ask if they are a reasonable product? As I say, I have no real knowledge but of course don't want to do it twice. 4WD direct have a set at a seemingly good price.
    Thanks in advance.

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    There are a few guys here that use the full Lovells gear and are quite happy. The gear is also reasonably well priced. Would recommend something more heavy duty in the shock department if you plan on doing some serious outback touring to reduce shock fade etc, but for day to day stuff with some weekend play the Lovells will suit fine. If you are concidering springs, may as well fit the 2" lifted ones, pretty much the same price.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Cheers, Bundy.

    Currently: 2001 NM GLS MY2002 3.5 V6 Manual, Bullbar, GME TX3520, Falken Wildpeak A/T02 LT265/70/16, Pacemaker extractors, KYB Skorched 4's, Villain Lighting 22" lightbar, Bushskinz Front and sump guard, Pioneer 7" screen

    Items to be fitted: ARB 2.5 x 2.1 awning.

    Items to be purchased: Bushskinz- Gearbox/Transfer plates and sliders, Roof racks, Safari Snorkel, Lifted Springs, maybe more...


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      Thank you Bundyk. It's going to be mainly a tourer this time around. I'll have a better look at Lovells. The springs will only be because the front has sagged so much coz of an ARB bar. 'So not so immediately important, but will be done.
      Thank you again for he shockie advice, I think I'll go that way.


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        We had Lowell's shocks and springs on last paj
        Performed great
        Reards roy


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          If you do a search on the forum you'll find a wealth of information on shocks and springs. The lovell springs tend to be one of, if not the most preferred spring.

          Whatever you put in will be a vast improvement over the stock suspension. As BundyK said, you might as well go for the raised springs while you're doing it.
          2005 NP Platinum 3.2 DID Auto, Lovells HD springs, Bilstein shocks, Firestone Airbags, ARB bar, Warn XD 9000 winch, IPF 900 Xtreme Sport lights, Bushskinz intercooler & sump guards, Outback Accessories rock sliders, GME 3200 UHF, CTEK Dc to Dc Dual Battery system, 265/75/16 General Grabber AT2 tyres, Torque Converter lock-up kit, Safari snorkel, Taipan high performance exhaust, LRA 66lt long range fuel tank.


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