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Single click noise at the front

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  • Single click noise at the front

    Since I took my NM on her maiden offroad trip, she's been making a click noise from the front. When steering on almost full lock in either direction and going forward or backward the car makes a single click noise. It's not a click click click like a stuffed CV joint...just one click, but it does it each time your turn sharply. I can't tell what side it's coming from as it seems to be almost central.
    I did hit some water/mud pretty hard when I went to Talarook and I wonder if I damaged anything. Any ideas of what it could be?
    2018 NX GLS - Stock

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    jeez theres been a few of these cropping up recently.

    My guess is its the ol dry spline problem. Nothing serious, just got to get some grease into the outer axle spline. Best way is to pop the whole thing out but thats a couple of hours mucking around.

    Not sure if grease can be forced into the spline assembly by just removing the outer dust cap? Might be worth a shot though, would only take a few minutes to try. You will need a 32mm socket, breaker bar to take the outer nut off though. And a torque wrench to put her back on. 200nm
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