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Updated compliance requirements

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  • Updated compliance requirements

    For those interested in vehicle compliance.
    Roadside inspections to follow. Anything not meeting legislated requirements I imagine you will be towing it home.

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    Suspension and tyres would be a few things Gen 3 & onwards would have to keep in mind.

    I noted this one a few weeks back.

    Also those who have replaced the center lap belt with a lap sash,
    Fitting of a non-original seat belt. Example requiring certification:
    •Replacing a ‘lap-only’ type seat belt with a ‘lap-sash’ type seat belt.
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      And if you are going by the book, even blanking the EGR *technically* needs certification. Not that I'm putting my hand up to try...
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        No technicality about it Shane.
        It is not legal to interfere with the emission system of any vehicle.

        Hence the reason that nobody does it.
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          Yes ... nobody ... does ... it ...
          Gun Metal 2006 NP VR-X Auto DiD | Cabin Air Filter Mod | Tinted Windows | EGR Blanked | Upper Timing Chain Guide - Replaced Twice | Still rolling like a tank.


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            Oh let's not be coy.....everybody has done it.
            I guess the inspections will ferret it out.
            Quite a big list to look for.


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              abit like the gutting of the cat convertor.
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                Two points.

                !: I think it is maybe after the boy racers.

                2: Surely what was legal in 2007 can't be made illegal now.

                One more point...I do not have a blanking plate. Never have.


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                  Yep, I reckon ya right TT.
                  If you make a display of yaself, someone is gonna watch ya...............
                  2005 NP Platinum Edition, DiD Auto
                  2009 VW Crafter motorhome


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                    Boy racer, backyard modifier, weekend warrior, general wanker pushing the limits.

                    They're all in the sights.

                    Anything that could or does compromise ANY aspect of safety, to the vehicle occupants or general public, and certainly anything that alters vehicle emission levels and general environmental impacts.


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                      Keep things in moderation I say.
                      As soon as you go to far you're gonna get pulled up, only a matter of time. Showcasing yourself I.e big exhaust with massive exhaust exit pipes and blow off valves etc, 8" lifts with 40" swamp tyres is a sure way of drawing extra attention to yourself.

                      In regards to wheel and suspension restrictions there is talks now about the Association and clubs trying to reason with the authorities on more flexible and appropriate actions rather then a set of blanket rules to govern all.
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                        the club i know of here in melb is considering approaching other clubs and if the restrictions are too restrictive and preventing mods to make our cars better and saffer off and on the road. lifts tend to stiffen the suspension for better control, to take them too court if they refuse to listen.

                        any law can be fought in court. (sp?)
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                          Yeah ? Good Luck with that. Lots of publicity & class action & you might get somewhere.
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