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Economy: Diesel vs Petrol

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  • Economy: Diesel vs Petrol

    What economy per 100 km's should I expect from 2000-2002 Pajero before I buy one?

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    Hi Don
    Please refer to the FAQ section there is a great table on fuel consumption of all engines

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      Hi Don,

      I get 8 - 9 hwy, 9-10 city

      2004 3.2DiD.

      Petrols are quite a bit thirstier, but i won't comment on them as i have never owned one.

      but check this thread out by Pickle
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        Just traded my 2000 V6 Pajero on a 2006 DID.

        Went from 17L / 100km to 9L / 100km.

        We'll save $10,000 in fuel over 4 years and the DID has as much if not more poke than the 3.5V6. I can drive it on cruise all the way up the Hume to Sydney without shifting out of 5th gear, where the old one wanted 4th on many of the hills.

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          Hi Don,
          Our 2002 NM DiD manual averages 9 litres/100km, we usually get about 1000kms from our 90 litre tank
          Towing our 2.5T boat it averages 16 litres/100km.

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            our 3.5l does alright. average 13-14 around town and as low as 11 on the highway. I am not a lead foot, but then again I don't pussy foot around either. What I do do is keep the oil changed regularily with mobil one as well as all the other oils, run a K&N and have high tyre pressure.

            Hope this helps.

            The only reason we didn't go for a oil burner is the wife hates the sound, makes it sound like a tractor she says. You can't argue with logic like that.
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