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daytime led driving lights

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  • daytime led driving lights

    hi all, does anyone know what the legal height for mounting small led daytime driving lights is.


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    This is covered in section 6.19 of ADR 13;
    6.19. DAYTIME RUNNING LAMP (Regulation No. 87) 12/

    6.19.1. Presence

    Mandatory on motor vehicles. Prohibited on trailers.

    6.19.2. Number


    6.19.3. Arrangement

    No special requirement.

    6.19.4. Position In width: that point on the apparent surface in the direction of the reference axis which is farthest from the vehicle's median longitudinal plane shall not be more than 400 mm from the extreme outer edge of the vehicle.

    The distance between the inner edges of the apparent surfaces in the direction of the reference axes shall not be less than 600 mm.

    This distance may be reduced to 400 mm where the overall width of the vehicle is less than 1,300 mm. In height: above the ground not less than 250 mm nor more than 1,500 mm. In length: at the front of the vehicle. This requirement shall be deemed to be satisfied if the light emitted does not cause discomfort to the driver either directly, or indirectly through the devices for indirect vision and/or other reflecting surfaces of the vehicle.

    6.19.5. Geometric visibility

    Horizontal: outwards 20° and inwards 20°.
    Vertical: upwards 10° and downwards 10°.

    6.19.6. Orientation

    Towards the front.

    6.19.7. Electrical connections

    The daytime running lamps shall be switched ON automatically when the device which starts and/or stops the engine is in a position which makes it possible for the engine to operate.

    The daytime running lamp shall switch OFF automatically when the front fog lamps13/ or headlamps are switched ON, except when the latter are used to give intermittent luminous warnings at short intervals.

    Furthermore, the lamps referred to in paragraph 5.11. are not switched on when the daytime running lamps are switched ON.

    6.19.8. Tell-tale
    Closed-circuit tell-tale optional.

    6.19.9. Other prescriptions


    cheers, old Jack.
    2011 PB Base White Auto, Smartbar, Cooper STMaxx LT235/85R-16,TPMS, HR TB, 3 x Bushskinz, front +40mm Dobinson , rear +50mm EHDVR Lovells, Dobinson MT struts and shockers, Peddars 5899 cone springs, Windcheater rack, GME UHF, Custom alloy drawer system inc. 30lt Engel & 2 x 30 AH LiFePo batteries + elec controls, Tailgate hi-lift/long struts, Phillips +100 LB & HB, Lightforce 20" single row driving beam LED lightbar, Scanguage II.
    MM4x4 Auto Mate, Serial No 1 .


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      thanks very old jack


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        See my solution. 5 individual led lamps (set) mounted each side. Other option is replacement of fog lights or really small flat lamps in those horizontal slots below fog lamps.


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          very nice


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            Originally posted by alfik View Post
            See my solution. 5 individual led lamps (set) mounted each side. Other option is replacement of fog lights or really small flat lamps in those horizontal slots below fog lamps.
            Bugger the day time running lights. Tell us more about that winch hidden behind the factory bumper.


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              Such winch setup is quite common here. We do not have roos, but do have strict regulations on bumpers and bull bars. There are at least two manufacturers of ready winch mount plates for this setup, but mine is tailor made. In automatic it requires re-location of transmission cooler, but there is enough space for winch. Mine is 12500 lbs t-max. Relays are mounted just by winch and socket for control in the grill. I have two batteries from factory (cold climate setup) and one have been replaced with model with dual terminals. There is also kill switch under the hood. It works nice. This is very good setup, as winch is mounted high, and has no influence on approach angle. Also in quite deep mud winch still stays above the water (while my friend in LR has in already submerged). Thanks for appreciation.


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                Thankyou for the reply afliek. That is something I would like to do as l don't want a bullbar.


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