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Water pump o ring leaking

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  • Water pump o ring leaking

    After doing a major service on my 2002 nm pajero 3.5l petrol with timing belts, cam seals and a water pump. I noticed a pool of coolant under the car over the weekend. Its the first time since ive done the service and its been a few months ( i have a rather clean driveway and i notice any mark)

    Upon inspection it appeared to be leaking in the valley of the motor. At the moment it doesnt leak under pressure but more when its been sitting for a day or so.

    I had a mechanic have a look with his bore scope and he confirmed it was leaking (dripping) from the water pump oring area (were the water pump and the pipe meets on top)

    Has anybody replaced this oring by pulling the top manifold off and doing it via the top instead of pulling the timing belt and water pump out.

    Any advice ????????

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    you can get to it from the top, had mine done a few months ago a lot of work just to fix an o ring
    03 NP Pajero 3.5L


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      yes you need to work out the easiest and best way to repair this o-ring leak.
      if your going from the top phelum / valley cover area take into count that you will need to buy new gaskets for all items removed as you certainly don,t want any air leaks from this area. the front belt approach will only cost you a new waterpump gasket and the o-ring needed but then again you don,t want the actual waterpump to start leaking when all is back together .
      take note if you go the timing front area to repair this o-ring leak you only need to release tension from the timing belt tensioner then carefully take the belt away from the waterpump so the pump can be removed. use small clamps or wire to hold the timing belt to cam pulleys ect so the timing stays correct . so start thinking which way to go down this street,
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