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OEM style rocker switches

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  • OEM style rocker switches

    Hi all,

    I have started to install my HID spotties and was wondering about where to get a rocker switch that would match those in front of gear shift for power aerial and rear air con etc.

    Have a couple of blank spaces there and would like to match the car.

    Aftermarket ones seem to be square hole rather than the round edge that these have.

    Oh, and would like it to say lights or spot lights not just grab a sw from a wreck which has something different on it.

    Cheers Paul
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    I dont believe that you will be able to exactly match the switch to the factory ones, however you could use one of the fog lamp swithches , either front or rear.

    Would mean a bit of mucking around with wiring etc , but doable. The only problem I ran up against is that the factory fog switches reset when the ign is turned off, which may or may not be problem for you.
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      You have a few options.

      Genuine Mitsubishi switches come with a front fog light logo or a rear fog light logo, pictured below. There is also a double switch, not pictured that splits the switch in two parts for front and rear fogs.

      The issue is that Mitsubishi, in their wisdom, make all these switches momentary so that the ECU turns the lights off when the ignition is turned off. This, amongst other things, helps to stop people "forgetting" to turn off their fog lights when not required.

      Since the switch is momentary you will need to use a latching relay to duplicate what the ECU normally does for the fogs. However, the relay must be able to switch on and off using a single switch, not two different switches as the the more common type. To achieve this you may need to construct the electronics needed or buy a pre-made board which has a small relay that you can then use to switch your main relay for the lights.

      Needs a little work but, if you like the "factory" look, as I do, then well worth it.


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        yeah not interested in using the fog light sw option.

        Too hard and in wrong spot and I use my fog lights when needed.

        Was really wanting to put sw in one of the blanks in front of gear lever.
        2001 NM 3.5 Exceed. Whisbar HD roof racks, UHF, HID spots, Elec brake control, air con control moved, K&N air filter. (SOLD )

        2017 MQ GLS Triton Auto. Whispbar HD racks. EKO Canopy.


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          Have a look at the two switches at the bottom of the page:

          These fit, but you need to spend 5 mins with a file squaring out the radius-ed corners of the console.

          Aprox $20 from any narva supplier/auto shop repco etc.

          pictured is one in-situ next to the cluster dimmer. They are the same at the console, I just dont have a pic to share.

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            Latching relay module for momentary switches

            Probably bad etiquette to post in a 2 year old thread, however I wanted to use a switch that kept a clean install exactly like the OP. Specifically I wanted to use the Euro market split fog light switch - both front and rear in the same hole.

            I used this premade module from a UK supplier. The FOG-901 which does exactly what is needed when using a Mitsu momentary switch. Convert it to function as a latching switch.

            I installed it for my aux lights and it worked perfect.

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              you can get rocker switches that will fit intot he planks
              just google missubishi rocker switches
              ive seen them on ebay or gumtree
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                The thread here has a link to a seller on Ebay that has them, Air on Board.


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