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    I know this has been done to the death but.....

    I did a HID conversion on my other car, and HID are fantastic. (My other car had HID as standard on the luxury model, so I could use factory parts to do the conversion, including the auto levelling devices etc, so there are no issues with legality)

    It would appear that the NM/NP Pajero never came with HID's, so that makes it a bit harder, I saw one other thread that had details on how to fit the projector lights etc., but then I did a search on flea-bay and found Angel eye headlights that already come with a projector fitted. See link below

    Anyhow my question is, has anyone used these and are the projectors legal for HID use?

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    Some headlights, because of design, are inherently better able to take a Plug'n'Play HID conversion of just bulbs into the original reflector. However, none will be legal and while you may think that glare is acceptable it, technically, won't be. PnP conversions are also like beacons to Constable Plod.

    The headlights you linked are junk. Very poor quality halogen projector, hopeless high beam reflector and it's doubtful that any of the rest of the light meets any kind of standard.

    Here's a pic of a projector that I took out of a similar light, together with the bi-xenon unit that replaced it. Chalk and cheese in construction, quality and performance.

    However, all is not necessarily lost. It is possible to retrofit good quality proper HID projectors and even replace the high beam reflectors with quality units. This can be done either in a standard NM/NP headlight or a light like the one you linked. All depends on the quality of light that you want, and your budget, of course.

    Are the projectors in those lights legal for on-road, HID use? The short answer is no, they're not and the performance you get would be disappointing.


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      The problem with those angle eye headlights is the projector is designed around a halogen bulb. So putting a HID kit in will give you the same problem with blinding oncoming traffic, in the same way as putting HID's in a your standard halogen reflector.

      As for legality, well my guess is that it is not. Ive passed many police at night time and have never been pulled over because of the HID projectors. It just looks like a Mercedes or BMW from a distance, till they see its a Paj and then you get wtf looks

      I have kept my original headlights so if I get a yellow sticker (and I highly doubt I will), I can just swap them over within an hour and have the vehicle examined.


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        Thanks for that, looks like I will be doing a "proper" conversion with good quality parts, will have to wait till I fix up the suspensions and a few other little things.


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