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  • Very Excited

    Hey just posting to get some excitement out of me i brought my Pajero about 6 months ago and have had it up the beach once and it when well but needed more clearance.
    Anyway I purchased a 50mm Lovell’s lift kit about 3 weeks ago and have had it installed while I was away a work I would have done this myself but he kit was delayed and didn’t turn when was home so I have not seen the car yet with the lift in. I am home tomorrow night and will see it then WooHoo and will be packing the car as we are off to Fraser island for 7 nights to test it out I CAN’T WAIT
    2001 NM Pajero 3.5l, 50mm lovell lift kit

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    The lift makes a big difference. Will be some of the best money you spend. Sure you will have fun at fraser. Yes. Am jealous.


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      The lift will make a huge difference, enjoy Fraser it is amazing!


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        Man that lift will be very handy when you hit the soft stuff on the inland tracks at Fraser, the sand is very soft and very high between tyre tracks. I have a standard Paj and I was plowing the sand with my bash plate the whole time and wishing I had a 2" lift.
        Have fun on the island, the Pajero is really in it's element on the soft stuff but remember to keep the revs up gotta keep that V6 spinning! oh and don't be scared to use low range inland too as there are a lot of deep pot holes which cause you to slow down & lose momentum on the soft sand. Have fun up there and remember there are a lot of very inexperienced drivers up there at this time of year so expect the unexpected.
        Oh and I had my tyre pressures at 15psi...3psi less made all the difference on the soft stuff...18psi=digging out of bog in hot sun!! good luck.


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