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nm petrol in tank fuel filter tips

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  • nm petrol in tank fuel filter tips

    morning all, ive had a new fuel filter sitting around for quite some time that needs to be fitted this weekend. i checked the workshop manual and done a search on here and nothing seems to cover how to remove and refit one. i am hoping someone could run me through the process step by step. thanks

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    seems no one works on petrol motors or self services


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      There was a write up on it when someone got stuck I think.
      There's not to much to it, move rear seat remove 5 or so screws for the cover plate but then I cant remember the rest, I know when the pump/filter is out is easy to change.
      Sorry I could not find any pics.
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        Lots of people work on Petrol's. You just need to give them more than 11 hours to respond.

        There are two plates to get through - the top one reveals a second. I recommend hosing off the top of the tank once revealed if it is covered in crap. Pull the wiring harness from the pump and then crank the engine to release any line pressure. You need to push the fuel lines in to their connectors to release the locking collar, then remove. When the filter and pump are removed the filter change is fairly straightforward but don't forget the O ring.

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          When you get to the top of the tank use some crc and let it soak in as you don't want to snap off the small studs that come out of the fuel tank.

          As mentioned before there is a good write up somewhere on the forum.
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            Credit goes to the person who did this write up.
            Hope this help.
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              Good information. I had to rename the file from .php to .pdf to open it just in case someone else is having trouble.


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                anyone replace the big rubber seal under the inspection plate?


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