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ARB winch bar bits

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  • ARB winch bar bits

    Hello All, me again.
    I have purchased a 2nd hand ARB whinch bar for my NP and have found some bits missing. I was wondering if anyone had a decent copy of the instalaton manual for te ARB bar that has pictures of various bits, or some pictures of the mounts on the vehicle. I have the bar, and the compression mount that goes between the bar and mounts to the front of the chassis. what is missing are the mounts that go behind the flange on the pajero chassis that bolt to the compression mounts. I believe the official part numbers are 3756557L & R, 3756556L & R.
    Thanks in advance
    2003 NP DID GLS Auto, 50mm Iron Man Suspension, ARB BBar, Chinese winch, custom fridge/equipment rack, Rhino RoofBars and alum TGM roof rack, UHF CB, Bridgstone D697 265/70-16, Safari Snorkel, Polyair

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    I see it has been a long time since this was first posted and with no reply but I am now in the same predicament for an ARB bar for 2001 3.5 Petrol. I bought it second hand with mounts but am missing the top plate and bump stops and also think I am missing parts for the bar mounts. Can Anyone help with pictures or manuals.

    I am off to Christchurch this weekend so will call into the local ARB dealer there but not hopefull with them being much help at the moment due to the continuing earthquakes.
    2001 3.5 GDI, Secondhand ARB winch.


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