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What Model pajero is this??

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  • What Model pajero is this??

    Guy says its 2002, but looks totally diff to NM/NP models. Was there a Pajero io available in that year with the DiD?
    MY05 NP Pajero GLX DiD, 5 speed auto, 2" Lift, Tait TM8115 UHF

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    It's a Pajero IO which is considerably smaller than the standard Pajero. I'm pretty sure it was released to complete with the other small AWDs (Rav4, Vitara etc)


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      I don't believe the Pajero IO ever had a diesel in Australia let alone a DiD...

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      Soon to be Ex- 2002 NM Exceed 3.2DiD, Lifted, PSI Powerbox, Bullbar, HID Driving Lights.


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        Pajero IO

        It is definitely and IO. Having a quick look on Redbook, the 2002 IO had a 2.0i petrol engine. 2001, 1.8 and 1.6 motors with the 2.0 introduced in Oct 2001, as were the previous models. No diesel models at all. Ergo it is a Pajero but an IO, and it cannot possibly be the 3.2lt DID. False advertising or just another car industry 'expert' that does know you know what from clay.
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          Thanks Guys,

          Had a feeling it was wrong information. Don't think the 3.2 would even fit in. What are the IO like ffroad anyone tried one? One of my mates is looking at it. He does a bit of medium - hard tracks and tows a camper (only about 600kg.

          If it does turn out to have the 3.2 in it, it would obviously be an import, would probably be better to steer clear if thats the case?


          MY05 NP Pajero GLX DiD, 5 speed auto, 2" Lift, Tait TM8115 UHF


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            Ben, they are no good off road, they are a soft 4wd, like the rav etc. it even struggles on the beach. its biggest problem is no ground clearence. the manual has or had a tube style crossmember under the drivers seat, i think the auto had a flat crossmember, but not sure on that one.

            Not much clearence under the engine either, i lost a lot of weight walking the tracks clearing rocks etc out of the way and i am only talking about ones that where 6 to 8 inches high.

            It was a great little 4wd on the road or gravel road, handle good, was fun to drive hard. the ride was quite good. he only had 1.8l. the 3 door had a 1.6l when they first came out. then the 5 door went to a 2l.
            like you said best steer clear of it.
            1st month 2004 GLS Pajero 3.2 diesel, auto, ecb bullbar, compact ralley 4000's, towbar,Kings Springs, Bilstein Shocks, Pirelli ATR's,Homemade Bash Plates, Homemade Diff breathers.


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              If it's got a 3.2lt did and you only do the occasional 4x4 work / camping (like most of us do), like going to the beach etc.. she would fly through the sand with that engine.

              Horses for courses i say.. and nothing wrong with a good import either if you get it at good price



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