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  • Anti lock lights on

    This weekend we noticed the anti lock light of our Pajero NP 2003 on the dashboard was turned on. The brakes itself are working. The abs is not, tested that on a gravel road. Anyone knows what this could be?

    Also is there something I can check myself? If not would you recommend going to Mitsubishi dealer or can any workshop look at this?

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    I have checked my Max Elery W/S manual and typically it says nothing about ABS in the wiring diagrams. First thing to check is power supply. You may have a blown fuse. Sorry, I cannot find which fuse though. I had a problem with my NL Pajero with the SRS light coming on. It turned out to be a blown fuse in the reversing lights - they took the power for the SRS form the reversing light circuit. So check all you fuses. The ABS power source is likely to be under the engine bonnet, but check all fuses in there and also inside the car on the sidewall, near the driver's feet.

    If you have good fuses, then try to pick up a code. There should be a code. This will pinpoint the fault for you.


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      Have you done any mods or had any work done recently? It may be related to that.

      A couple of things you can do yourself which will cost you nothing and maybe save some $$$.

      As erad says, first thing to check is EVERY fuse, especially the ABS, REVERSE and HAZARD ones, if blown they can cause some weird stuff to happen. Don't just look at them, check with a multimeter.

      Then check your trailer socket on your towbar for damaged wiring/connections.

      Next thing to check is the wiring to the ABS sensors on each wheel. You will see a toothed ring behind the brakes, near that there will be a sensor with wires going to it. Undo the electrical connection, spray some WD-40 or similar and put back together. Make sure all connections are OK and wiring not damaged.

      Also try disconnecting your battery for half an hour.

      If none of those work it would be time to see an auto sparky...
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        Update: fault code 61, $ 3,200 :-(

        Hi everyone,

        Thanks for all the advice.

        Had a look over the weekend and couldn't locate the problem. I asked the mechanic to read out the fault codes. It happens to be fault code 61 (master cilinder pressure sensor). According to the mechanic this means the whole ABS unit needs to be replaced. This will cost between 3k and 4k. So sad, as the car is not really worth it...

        We have planned a big trip in January 2019. But the car won't get through the Rego with the anti lock light on...

        Really don't know what to do... The amount seems ridiculous. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them... I'm not ready to say goodbye to my beloved Pajero yet....



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          Originally posted by Judy View Post
          According to the mechanic this means the whole ABS unit needs to be replaced. This will cost between 3k and 4k. So sad, as the car is not really worth it...
          Please read the sticky located at the top of the page.

          This can be fixed at a fraction of what's been quoted.
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            I'd definitely be getting more than one opinion on that Judy. There is most likely a fix somewhere here on the forum. A Mitsubishi dealer swapped out $2,500 of good parts to rectify a problem on my son’s ASX a while ago – at the end of all that the problem still persisted and we were told to get rid of the vehicle. Some of these mechanics only go by what the computer tells them and more often than not it is wrong.


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              Or find a wrecker that specialises in Pajeros to see if you can get a good secondhand brake unit. In Adelaide, I'd suggest Eddy Wreckers at Gillman - they may even freight a unit to you if there isn't anyone near you.
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                Originally posted by Rancent_Rat View Post
                Please read the sticky located at the top of the page.

                This can be fixed at a fraction of what's been quoted.
                Here is the Excellent thread link. -
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                  I had a similar issue on my Nissan. It turned out to be a miss aligned toe in. A few minutes with a tape measure and half a turn on the tie rod, and problem solved.

                  Other typical signs of miss aligned toe in:
                  - Steering wheel pulls to one side when you drive on leveled surface and hands off the steering wheel.
                  - Car pulls to one side when driving on leveled surface while holding the steering wheel straight.


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