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fitting dual batteries to np 3.8

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  • fitting dual batteries to np 3.8

    Has anyone got any ideas what i have to move to fit the tray. I am ok with the wiring. whats the best place to buy the trays from.
    Tred, 2004 21st anniversary NP 3.8

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    Hi Trep,

    You have two options. I originally used a tray that fits against the firwall on the passengers side, available from most 4wd shops (about $130). The evaporation control cannister has to be moved. I attached mine the engine side of the tray. This will take the standard size battery as fitted to the NP 3.8. Which then leaves the existing tray to take and N70 size battery. Pretty large.

    The other options is a replacement tray from Opposite Lock, about $195. This tray fits in place of the origianl tray and takes two batteries, the original plus a smaller second battery.

    I originally had the $130 tray, but that location is now taken up with LPG components. I now have the Opposite Lock tray. I have a deep cycle battery for sale if interested?
    Pajero MY05 Exceed, DVD / (infamous) Sat Nav, Petrol / Injected LPG, alloy bull bar, Blue Tongue compressor, Pirahna dual battery system, Cibie Oscar SC driving lights, UHF, Next G car kit, Waeco FF40, set Cooper ST's, cargo barrier and polyairs.


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