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Head unit upgrade | NP GLX

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  • Head unit upgrade | NP GLX

    Hi Team,

    I have had a bit of a search through the archives here and am unable to locate the information I was looking for. So if you could direct me to the correct link to save starting (what I am guessing would be) another one, it would be appreciated.

    This is going to be our daughters first car, and I would like to upgrade the head unit to a double din and include a reversing camera. I understand that the AC controls can be relocated down to the location of the existing in-dash CD stacker, however I have concerns that the functionality of the controls would be compromised.

    Any advice / suggestions from anyone who has done this would be appreciated.

    Brisbane location


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    Did mine about 5 years ago.
    Replaced it with a Pioneer that has built in Bluetooth. Makes life much easier.

    Not too difficult job.

    Remove original radio and cd player.

    Remove ac control and bolt in bottom.
    Think I had to trim a little of the plastics on the sides to make it slide in.

    Only difficult part was to splice wires.
    If you are electrically challenged you can also take it to an audio fitment center too so the wiring.

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      Thanks for that!

      It will give me some information when I take it to the fitment centre :-)



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        Just did mine a few weeks ago and got a Sony headunit with Apple carplay which has been excellent and a reverse camera for a good price.

        I looked at this forum for instructions but some of the photos were a bit old on the hosting sites so used this website:

        Good luck with it, mine took a few hours to do mainly the airconditioning disconnect and reconnect and thinking about it took a while but I have not had any issues since moving everything.


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          So you remove the 6 cd shuttle to fit the aircon controls where the shuttle was ? Read a with a bit more concentration. Answered my own question
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