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NP Front left strut dampener bushing knock

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  • NP Front left strut dampener bushing knock

    Hey was wondering if anyone knew why I would be getting a knocking sound from my suspension. I just installed a bilstein 2 inch lift (fitted approx 2 weeks ago). I have triple checked all the various nuts and bolts. All of them are definitely correctly torqued. I checked this afternoon to see if I could find the issue, and the plate retainer holding the bushings is knocking against the top of where the strut mounts. Is there any way to fix this or would I need a new strut top?

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    Did you buy these pre-assembled from a large online AU seller? I've been hunting and hunting for a knocking noise in the mine since I installed a Lovells / Lovells 2" lift combo with pre-assembled fronts. It's driving me nuts as I cant locate it and I've pulled it to bits / re-torqued four times now. The only thing I haven't done is put the factory front struts back in but I'm guessing I might have the exact same problem that you do. I think I'll pull mine to bits and put the factory strut tops on the new springs and shocks to see what happens.

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      Yeah I bought them pre-assembled from fulcrum suspensions. I'm 99% sure that the strut has actually failed, either due to incorrect installing by them, or by me buggering something when installing them myself. I found that by taking the battery out and removing the dust cap covering the strut bolt, I could bounce the car up and down, and was able to see what was happening when going over bumps. Essentially the bushings aren't flush up against the underside of the car and the plate retainer is knocking against it every time I go over a small bump.

      I initially sent a message to fulcrum asking if there was a fix and just got the bog standard reply of "make sure all the bolts and sway bar links are torqued correctly". I called them today and said outright that the strut top has failed, so I now need to take it to one of their partner shops and have it inspected. Finger crossed it was an error on their part and the strut top is replaced by them.


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        Was the issue ever found . I have the exact same issue now . Cheers Mike


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