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Np /Noise From Speedo Aera

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  • Np /Noise From Speedo Aera

    Hi to all

    Over the last month or so i vie had a noise coming from speedo area.It started as a clicking noise and now sounds like a dry bearing .Mitsubishi tell me there is nothing in there to make that noise and it doesn't do it when there in the car.The noise is there above 80KM and dosen't change with road speed or rev's and is there with ignition off in neutral .But does go away or can't be herd below 80KM.

    Thanks Mark

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    I really hate to agree with MMA, but there really isn't all that much behind there that could make a noise. It's all done with electricery, there are no cables or what not to make that noise. Maybe it's a leaf or something down by the windscreen. I had a pen that was down in the gap between the dash board and the windscreen, drove me crazy as it slid around and rattled all the time.

    So what I recommend is to take the speedo/tacho module out and have a bo-peep yourself. It's really pretty easy to get it out.

    Let me know how you go.

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      Thanks I will take it out and have a look



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