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  • starter motor

    I have just had to renew the starter motor in my np pajero ,just done 50,000 kl. They told me the problem was diesel had spilt onto the starter as i have not had any leaks it was said that maybe when the filters were changed diesel had leaked then. The motor was repaired under warranty i wonder if anyone else has encounted the same problem.

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    I have not had a starter motor problem as yet but I have had diesel leak onto the starter motor due to a leak at the filter. Thanks I will keep it in mind if I have any troubles.

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      My NP Exceed had a similar starter motor replacement at 21,00klms.
      It slowed down over days as if a flat battery until it just wouldn't turn over. Mitsubishi said diesel leakage on the starter motor.
      Embarrassing to have winched onto a flat bed in Bunnings carpark. Darwin dealer looked after me with replacement vehicle for weekend.
      Ex-2005 NP Exceed, 2" lift, HD Springs, NARVA HID, Aux Tank. Now Range Rover Sport.


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        If this is common, how the hell do they expect you to drain water from the filter if it has collected there from the bottom drain plug and not get diesel on the starter???? I had to drain water off recently on mine and it isn't exactly an exact science as to where the spillage will end up . I will have the vehicle washed tomorrow to get the extra diesel washed out the engine bay, but hope that it didn'yt already cause damage to the starter!!!

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          I had my starter motor replaced at 30.00km as the fuel line below the filter had a leak in it. The car uses 2-3 Ll more per 100 km now compared to when it had a leak. Everything replaced under warranty.


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