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Creaking noise in NP DID front end

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  • Creaking noise in NP DID front end

    Have a 2004 NP DID has 55 on clock, with OME suspension, have done Central Aus including Strezlecki & Oodnadatta. In the 12 mths since has developed a loud creaking noise in front end which is only evident at low speed especially when turning (is there all the time). MMA can't find a problem, 4WD mechanic thinks its the ball joints. Mate who is a mechanic says the ball joints are slightly worn, but not enough to be a concern for sometime. No other problems evident.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar or have any suggestions. Thanks
    04 NP DID, alloy bar, snorkel, OME, Long Range Tank, dual battery

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    Hi Robbo.
    My NP has just started making a similiar noise(in reverse).I have upgraded suspension & will take the vehicle back to installer next week.
    Will let you know what they find.

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      Creaking Noise

      I would suggest having a look at the swaybar and suspension bushes. These could (especially after prolonged dust exposure) cause this sort of issue. Had a similar problem with the old NB Paj I had. Turned out to be the front sway bar bushes causing the noise.
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        Originally posted by Old Paj View Post
        Ifront sway bar bushes causing the noise.
        I second this on previous vehicle

        Else the spring mounts.

        Must pull it apart to fix it properly.
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          [QUOTE=Old Paj;5278]I would suggest having a look at the swaybar and suspension bushes. These could (especially after prolonged dust exposure) cause this sort of issue.

          I had this problem on my NP at about the same k's
          replaced the front sway bar rubbers ( genuine only) and problem fixed
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            x2 on the sway bar rubbers where it mounts to the vehicle. Replace those(they are pretty cheap fix) and the noise should be solved. If not check into the ball joints but mroe than likely its the old worn out sway bar rubbers.
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              I have had a metal squeak that was due to the the intercooler bash plate being bent (sand driving etc) its a Mits Alloy one. The retaining nuts on the bolts that secure the grill mesh were rubbing on the sway bar. Very noticeable when turning in and out the drive. At speed you can't hear it above all the other noise.

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                Know the sound well - on my NM with OME one of the shocker lower bushes had chopped out - would quieten down for a while with a spray of grease but in the end had to replace the strut as the bush is not a part that OME supply.

                2001 NM Exceed 3.5 auto, OME suspension,extractors, PIAA H4 combination driving / fog lights, Factory Alloy Bar, BFG's, dark dark tint !! - love this car !


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