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    I have just recenly purchased an NS Exceed. I have 3 kids and need to purchase another set of headphones as only 2 are supplied as standard.

    The price from Mitsubishi is $138. If possible I would like to save a couple of dollars. Does anyone know if I can use another brand of cordless headphone that will work?


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    IR headphones

    Welcome to the forum!

    Any IR equipped headphones should work, try Dick Smith.

    Read the thread

    There have been some issues with the MM headphones Mine included, If you have young kids note that you might need to take some precautions. Mine were replaced by Mitsu after they broke but not everybody has had this luck.

    I took my new ones and put strong tape around the point where the slider comes out form the wider section above. You can't slide them anymore however they now flex up higher and my boy hopefully will be a couple of years before he breaks them again.

    I am proposing on taking this up with MMA as I do not believe that they are fit for purpose.


    Dan C
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      On a similar topic, I want to connect the audio from the rear DVD player to the speakers in my one year olds car seat. I was thinking of using an infra red device, can anyone suggest a solution?
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