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18 inch rims standard on NS

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  • 18 inch rims standard on NS


    am in the process of closing on a new NS, but concerned slightly re the rim diameter. I would like 16's or 17's on it, but due to the brake construction, the car comes with 18's and it appears nigh on impossible to find BFG AT's for this rim size.

    What do we recommend as a good AT tyre on the 18's - or can 17's be retrofitted successfully?


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    yes you can put the 17 inch wheels that come on the GLX NS onto the models that come with 18s standard. 16's won't fit though as they won't go over the front brake rotors.
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      Yes you can put 17's on the NS.

      I made it part of the deal that I would only buy the car if the dealer sold it to me with 17" rims. I am not sure what they are doing but I think they are swapping wheels with a base model NS.


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        When I went into the dealership, we took a standard NP 17" rim off and tried it on the NS front left. The clearance between the brake assy and the wheel weights was slim to say the least and there was concern from the engineer that if a stone got between the brake housing and the inner rim that damage could occur. Yes the 17" fits, but at what risk. Also, they expressed concern that there might be a problem with insurance companies allowing the car to be driven with a smaller rim than what the car is actually delivered.

        Have either of you had any issues with stones getting caught around the inner rim or any other debris causing issues with the reduced clearance?

        I still have an option on keeping my 17" from the NP, but I am not sure that the guys at the garage would be too keen on it!



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          This issue has been the subject of earlier threads. I believe the GLX and Exceed can take 17"(see tyre plate on car) but should check insurance. I stuck with 18" and put on Goodyear Silent Armours(one of the few decent A/T tyres in Aus in 265/60/18 at the moment) which I have found great both on and offroad - but expensive in that size!
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            The above posts may confuse some people. Just to clarify:

            All NS SWB models will take 16 inch wheels no problem.

            All NS LWB models will take 17 inch wheels no problem, they all have the same brakes and 17 inch is standard on GLX. 16 inch wheels will not fit.

            The sizes are 265/60R18 and 265/65R17. You can fit either to the Paj with no warranty or insurance issues. For different sizes from the above you would have to consult the relevant people.

            End that.
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              . . . and the Tyre Placard on the NS Exceed LWB also specifies both 17" and 18" tyres.
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                Check out my cars specs, i think if you are considering serious off road driving then 17 " rims are a must as they give you the option on so many more tyres.
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                  This final post is both a conclusion (for me) and a recommendation...

                  I went back to the dealership and have been discussing this with them. The sales consultant I am working with is currently driving an NS GLX with 17" rims and only 7k's on the tyres. He offered to swap over his 17" rims and tyres for the new 18"s on the NS Exceed.

                  I obviously jumped at the chance! Looks like I can get a set of BFG's on there now without any problem...

                  So - I can recommend Rex Gorrell Mitsubishi in Geelong without any hesitation!It's nice when a plan comes together...



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                    edwar64896, its good to hear that you found a car yard willing to help you, and not like the majority out there just trying to screw you.

                    Good work
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