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NS poor performance

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  • NS poor performance

    Hi all,

    Hoping anyone can give an opinion or advice.

    Currently live in Sydney. Own a 2008 Pajero NS R (SWB) 3.2 Turbo Diesel and has had log book servicing by Mitsi over the last 8 years that I have owned it.

    Feel like performance and economy have been getting worse year on year but Mitsi just says it is getting older.

    Last service (late last year) was told by the service manager that mechanic was having trouble with service and it was idling rough. They suggest exhaust manifold should be removed and cleaned. I requested to delay this work due to Covid, reduced wages, etc.

    Currently following up on this and have called Mitsi dealer twice last week who said they will call me back but a week later and still no return call. When I spoke to their booking person they said there was nothing in the notes about the car needing this work done thus why someone was meant to call me back.

    Spoke to an independent mechanic down the road who suggested it is more likely to be the inlet manifold that is choked up.

    Get between 6-7Km/L around the city and maybe about 9Km/L on highway (Don't do many highway km).

    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I could be wrong but would think the rough idling to be more related to possibly something like the SCV solenoid. Has the SCV (suction control valve) been checked? Which also causes loss in performance and increase fuel consumption I believe if failed.

    Overall performance can certainly be related to clogged up manifold but how clogged up is dependent on how many kms and what sort of driving the car has done.

    To some extent I think valve clearances can effect performance, when we're they last checked? If needing to have valve clearances done get manifold cleaned at the same time.

    I think i have loss some performance on my NS diesel with 220000. I just haven't attempted to clean manifold myself or have someone else yet to do it.

    I would perhaps try to find a independent mechanic with good reputation on diesels to have a look.
    NS SWB X 3.2DiD - Factory locker, Hella spotties, GME UHF, roof racks otherwise stock as a rock.

    Retired: 1991 NH SWB 3.0L V6 5sp Manual, Mickey Thompson ATZs, GME UHF TX3200.
    Wanting: Rocksliders, 2" lift, snorkel or perhaps I should wait and purchase a NS swb in 12months time.


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      Thanks for the response craka.

      If the SCV doesn't get checked in the log book service, then it's doubtful it has been checked.

      I have about 210000 on the odo and it mainly does city on road driving.

      I don't suppose you know of any good diesel mechanics in Sydney?


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        SCV normally causes surging.

        Have ever had a SQL (injector relearn) done?

        Put... Coding Common rail injectors and Pilot relearn Denco... into google for an explanation.

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