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  • Big trip

    Hi everyone, I'm lucky enough to be planning a trip over to WA next year.
    I'll be taking my 08 V6 LPG paj... And van.
    Yes I'm saving for fuel. Old truck has been so reliable I can't replace it.

    I'm thinking that I might install a new alternator and starter, accessory belt, tensioner and idler for preventative measures.

    Is there anything else anyone would recommend??

    Also do Triton 17inch OE steel wheels fit an NS?


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    Just get a line of credit with your bank manager - the price of fuel across the Nullarbor is rather high! Depending on the time of year you go, if it is in the summer months, a thorough check of the cooling system would be advisable, particularly the viscous coupling on the radiator fan.

    Triton wheels do fit an NS, but the offset is slightly different. OJ on this forum will no doubt come in on this one.


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      If it is an auto, change the fluid unless done recently (& ensure the correct spec fluid is used).

      If a manual, check the clutch.

      Check suspension for long towing, esp. shocks. Do a trial short trip first, to check weights, levels, balance, handling, cooling performance, etc.

      I'd also consider all fluids, filters, etc., unless done recently.

      LPG may be hard to get out there? Check a website like Motormouth for availability & prices (make sure you are sitting down before looking!)

      To save fuel, try to avoid days with strong headwinds (as often happens out there) - camp for the day & explore the local area.
      Pajero NX MY21 GLS


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        17" Triton/PB PC Challenger factory steel wheels will fit an NS but the offset is different NS has P46 offset and the Triton has P38 so each wheel protrudes 8mm further out from the hub. This is a legal fitment as it only increases the wheel track by 16mm.
        If the wheels are aftermarket steel rims then they may not fit and should be test fitted to the front and clearances between the brake calipers and wheel need to be checked.

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          Thanks heaps. Some great suggestions. Fuel will be expensive. But cheaper than upgrading. I'm confident this car will do it


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            Just make sure you have very top RAC coverage. I used to have a NP & was rowing a van across. A rear CV popped from the diff half an hour east of Ceduna. 2nd top coverage covered the car to be trucked to Port Augusta (only by trading all my other RAC benefits) but did not cover the van. The rear drive shafts were replaced with new improved type in Port Augusta @ $1k plus nearly $1k to tow the van behind the same truch that the car was on (their responsibility in case anything went wrong). I later emailed Mitsubishi Aust to enquire how the new stub flanges could be 70% improved pull-out force without any diff internal mods. Apparently the new circular retainer clip on the shaft is an extra 0.4mm in diameter


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              Geeeepers... Hoping to avoid that, but you never know.
              makes my concerns about fuel seem minor.
              Will definitely get top road side


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                Bring spare tools mate, I would also change a radiator cap and bring spare radiator hoses... I know what you mean once you get that trust with Pajero it's hard to let go hehe


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