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Towing with a noisy NS Diesel?

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  • Towing with a noisy NS Diesel?


    I towed my (2200kG) caravan on a short (test) trip for the first time yesterday (with my new, 08 build NS Exceed).

    The test was to adjust electric brakes, set up the Hayman Reece adjustable weight distribution hitch and generally get the levels and balance right.
    I noticed under acceleration and hard pulling the engine was quite noisy.

    It makes me wonder if I have the chip flash update that supposedly quietens the engine down?

    Next week (with about 1800kM on the clock) we are setting off on an approximately 5000 kM trip with the caravan so I will shortly get a better feel for the performance, economy and perceived noise characteristics. For those who may be interested, I will follow up on this post with comments and opinions after we return in mid January.

    The first 1500 kM 'free' service is due tomorrow and (where I am having the vehicle serviced at the local Mitsubishi Service Department), I have been told:
    we do not have the $30,000 dollar laptop to connect to your vehicle to communicate with the chip so we cannot advise on chip updates. You will have to take it to our major service Department (40kM away) to get this service capability.

    Seeing that the 1500 kM service is a 'check the wheels haven't fallen off and do you have any complaints' type service I am not too concerned at this stage. (Incidentally, I have no complaints, nor problems, and -touch wood- no sign of any DPF issues).

    Are there any other NS diesel owners with towing experience that would like to make a comment?

    Best regards, Fred.
    NS Exceed DiD, 08/2007 build, Hayman Reece Towbar & Hitch, Tekonsha Voyager brake controller, GME TX3440 UHF, TJM dual battery tray, TJM 0321BSKIT dual battery Controller, Supercharge deep cycle/starting capability second battery, Milford rear cargo barrier, ECB alloy bullbar.

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    We tow an Aussie Swag camper trailer, probably about 1.1>1.2 tonne most trips. Have now towed it about 2500 kms with the new NS, most recently 600kms getting back yesterday. I reckon it is great, heaps of grunt, handles great etc etc. If you really give it to it on take off or up a steep rise then yes I can hear the motor but cruising all I can hear is the radio.
    Happy towing.
    2012 NW Platinum 2 in cool silver. Armour tint all round. Hayman Reese heavy duty hitch. Spare wheel lift. ARB heavy duty suspension with lift. Long Range Automotive auxiliary 81 litre fuel tank. Piranha dual battery set up. Battery World second battery. GME TX 3540 UHF.
    Concept caravan, Autofridge 40L Fridge, Waeco CF18 Fridge/Freezer,
    2008 CJ Lancer VR Sportsback with a few little extras


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      I agree with Rusty. I tow our 19ft boat (approx 1.6t) and the Paj is great. At highway speeds and general cruising the engine is quite quiet (for a Paj) and there is plenty of grunt. All in all I really can't complain.

      Have a great trip.
      2010 150 Prado GXL V6 Auto

      Accessories fitted: BFG At 275/65/R17, Rhino Platform Rack, Toyota Cargo Barrier.


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