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There's a couple of holes here and there..

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  • There's a couple of holes here and there..

    I took the back seats out of the swb on the weekend and found four sources of light coming through from underneath. They haven't plugged the spare holes 10mm holes in the cabin sitting directly under the seat mounts.

    Anyone found any others?
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    You will find that they are not spare holes. They are used for the locating pins / studs to ensure the seats are properly located when refitting.

    I stuck a bit of tape over the top to stop any dirt getting in.

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      A quick check of the seat brackets confirms your observations.
      My seats probably won't be gong back in any time soon so I'll likely put a grommet in them.
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        Thanks. I'll check out mine on the weekend.

        BTW - why do we need lights on the floor in the front, particularly on the drivers side?
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          My old Volvo had a light for the pedal area as well, but it went out when you started the car. I suppose it was so you could check that nothing had made its way behind the pedals since you last drove it. I'm guessing here, but if the area was dark and you quickly got into the car and couldn't see a (say) fire extinguisher that had rolled behind the brake pedal, or perhaps someone else shoes if they take them off to drive (I know people that do that), but then forget to collect them again - then you would see them there, and get them out of the way, before you found out the hard way that your brakes didn't work. However, this Pajero has one for the front passenger and in the centre console for the back passengers as well, and they don't go out when you start driving. You'd think this would be putting unnecessary burden on the battery. Why would I want to have my feet bathed in light while I'm cruising down the freeway?, except that I gather its some extension of the logic that I'm trying to come up with on the fly to explain these lights.
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            The yellow footlights draw one-fiftieth of an amp - with a 120 amp Alternator, I think it will cope with this permanent load.
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