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  • SWB Towing Ability

    HI All,
    I'm currently looking at the NS SWB (TD) which i have fallen in love with. Its small size and reasonably large towing capacity makes it appealing.

    I'm looking at towing a boat with this car realtively short distances, yet the boat loaded on trailer weighs in at about 2200-2300kgs. This is within the rating of the SWB yet i am interested in hearing if any of you have towed much with a SWB, and how you have found it?

    Thanks for your time!

    2007 NS SWB X DiD

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    I have towed a 6m platey about 2500kg without any dramas. I knew it was there and the swb tended to be "rocked" around by it but nothing that would ever prevent me towing again. It was not a long distance tow, but there was a small amount of highway driving as well. Hope this helps.
    NS X Swb, V6, Black, rear locker, tint, 75mm lift......dust from lack of use


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      I tow a trailer to work and back everyday. Loaded anywhere from 1 ton to 2.5ton and sometimes more. haha. tows fine! just make sure its in 4H (all wheel drive). The only problems you have when towing a boat is pulling it up the boat ramp. The angle and lack of grip sometimes you need a heavy car. But the pajero weighs 2ton plus you plus anyone else plus downward hitch weight.

      You should have no dramas! Ive got a V6 as well. the diesels are ment to be better for towing. Thats if you dont have any PDF problems or what ever these poor boys are having trouble with.
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        Thanks everyone, sounds like i should be fine! I will hopefully test drive a SWB next week....
        2007 NS SWB X DiD


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