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  • Low Profile Tyres

    Interesting Article in Dec 4x4 Australia re low profile tyres - I was told that low profile tyres were no good offroad by a number of people before I bought the Exceed but never quite understood the logic so stuck with 265/60/18 and changed to GY SA's and have found them to be great at least for what I do.
    Anyway, conclusion in this article - "Tyres down to 60 profile don't have any major off-road capability differences from higher profile tyres, other than a need for lower pressures when on soft sand."
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    First time i got stuck on the beach with my Paj i let my 18s down to 10 i was really bogged. i hit the hard stuff and rolled him straight off the rim. It never happened to me with my NH running 31x10.5 R15s. I dont like it. Im changing mine from 18s to 16s as soon as i get the chance. might see if i can get 32x11.5R16s under there.

    The main problem i found is that even with the tyres down there wasnt enough flex to clean the tread every rotation.
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      Yes, I agree. If I could fit 16's on the exceed I would but 17's are the smallest that will fit.
      While low profile tyres will work ok off road and on sand they will give a much rougher/harsher ride.

      I priced some Goodyear Silent Armours today. In 265/70-17 size they were $360 each. Has anyone had a better price than that?

      I gues it is better than the same tyre in 18" which were $490 ech


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