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And another victim of the DPF Filter issue and trip summary

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  • And another victim of the DPF Filter issue and trip summary

    Hi, I just got back from a trip north see below. I am about 3-4 days later than expected due a problem with the filter. Also had a few other problems. I ventured a similar path as Big Col (Bourke, Lightning RIdge) and had a similar problem but with less impact and I was able to drive it to the dealer.

    I have the NS SWB diesel and was towing a Cub offroad camper (around 800-900kg with water and otherstuff)

    I was lucky that my problem happened close to where I was staying in Darlington (30ks north of Coffs Harbor). It happened last Monday night but I could not find a Mitsubishi dealer who would look at it until Wednesday afternoon (I tried both Coffs and Grafton dealers). I was due back at work, in Canberra, on Tuesday. As it turned out they did fix it Wed by doing a regeneration but I did not want to immediately head off the next day - as I wanted to make sure I had no other problems. So I was stuck in Darlington for an extra few days (no complaints about that though - beats work).

    The symptoms I had were:-
    - First the car seemed sluggish - not responding to acceleration
    - Second the Engine warning light went on (not the DPF light)
    -Third on the way to the dealer on Wednesday the DPF light did come on and stayed on until I had stopped and restarted the car again afer a 20 minute plus drive.
    - When I turned of the ignition it stopped abruptlyand did not sound or feel right

    After they fixed the problem I did notice much better fuel economy. Driving around the next day (not towing) I was getting around 9.1/100 and for short periods even better.

    The trip I did was Canberra - Forbes - Bourke - Lightning Ridge - Glenn Innis - Darlington - Canberra (around 4000km).

    Another observation I made was with the fuel economy.
    Canberra - Forbes around 13.7/100
    Forbes to Bourke around 14.6
    (I recommend the Kidman Camp in Bourke - great place)
    Coffs to Canberra after the regeneration - 12.1/100 - much better. We were also travelling at 100+km for most of the trip where we could.

    I did have a few other unrelated problems which has added to my woes

    1. Got flooded out in Glen Innis as fogot to put the flaps down on the camper when we went out and it pissed down
    2. Cracked the back light while reversing - it hit the bloody stone guard on the camper
    3. Got hit by a stone on way home and cracked the front wind screen - which will now have to be replaced

    All the above did help spoil what would have been a great trip. In reality it was a good trip if you could remove the problems we had.

    What it has proved to me is that I will not do any more trips which are not with in 50-100kms of a Mitsubishi dealer until this bloody DPF problem is fixed and proven fixed. As said I was very lucky compared to Big Col (and others) and do shudder a bit when thinking what I would have done if it happened while I was driving around Lightning Ridge in 40-50 degree heat - This could be life threatening.

    The dealers in Coffs where very friendly and helpful, they were busy and it is is probably unreasonsble to expect them to look at my problem straight away.

    Even thought the light went on I was still able to drive it - which is may be the one saving grace.

    Any way I have had my winge - I will have to wait and see if this this is really being fixed as mentioned in other threads - how do we prove this any way.

    One more observation - towing a camper with a SWB is a real pain in that you are always having to refuel - the tank is much to small for touring like this. According to the inboard monitor I would get around 480km per tank which is not enough if venture in the outback as doubt I woulkd get even that much. But as said before who would want to do this any way withan an unreliable vehicle.
    Also I have not received any letter - not sure if Coffs dealers put fix in or not?

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    Hi Rich,
    Sorry about your trip, it sounded all to familiar but the so called fix is not to far away.
    I have lingering doubts about the long term reliability of this vehicle for it will take a long time for my total confidence to return. There will be a lot of trepidation prior to me venturing out into the wilds again, only time will tell.
    My partner has far less confidence than me, as she has been stuck beside the road in trying conditions, so as we prepare for our Xmas trip she has been threatening me with blue murder if the Paj lets us down again. I hope like hell that the boys at MMA have got it right for my sake. If it does'nt solve all of our problems i'll send her to MMA on all our behalf !

    Regards from Big Col
    NS TD Exceed, Long Range Fuel Tank (115 lts), 50mm lift, HD King Springs Bilstein Shockers, ARB Deluxe Bullbar colour coded with Winch, HD Towbar, ROH RTX 17" Rims, Cooper S/T Maxx 265/70/17, Dual Batteries, Safari Snorkle and Diff breathers, Tyre Dog monitoring system, Magellan XL Explorist GPS, GME Personal Locating Beacon with GPS, Uniden UHF, Prodigy Break Controller, Reversing Camera, Updated Security Alarm System. Scangauge + Chipit Chip etc and no DPF!.


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      Originally posted by Big Col View Post
      Hi Rich,
      If it doesn't solve all of our problems i'll send her to MMA on all our behalf !
      nice one
      SWB NT X DiD its R E D

      SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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        Big Col,
        I think thwe solution is to do a trip along the east coast only as well as making tentative bookings at all the Mitsubishi dealers along the way in advance

        But be prepared for lots of stops above Taree as doing a lot of work.

        Not sure if related but it seems most of the Caltex dealers (I have a Caltex card) use a 'up to 2% Biodiesel' ?

        My problem happened while not towing the camper as well - just after some local driving around Coffs.

        I had to ring my boss and explain I had car trouble and was stuck in Coffs for a few extra days - I am not sure if I was belived or not . But as you can vouch for there are many worse places.

        I doubt I will venture out to far again again for awhile so hope this gets fixed and that confidence is built on its reliability. It would help if Mitsubishi published some details on this as being left in the dark and just putting on a fix does not help the confidence.

        Any way I hope your trip goes better than the last,



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          Not sure if my wife is similar to Big Cols but while away she bought a book called 'How to Kill Your Husband'

          Not sure if related to our problems but may be related to the mood I was in when they happened, so if you never hear from me on this thread again you will know she has finished the book and there will be a Red SWB Paj for sale.



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            Rich - so all of your fuel has been Caltex ?
            Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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              All bar two occassions where I could not find a Caltex (then used BP and I think other was Shell)

              When I took it to the dealer he asked where I last filled up and I said over the road a Caltex. But don't think that was main cause as had to fill up lots of times.

              I should have kept track of where and when.

              Many of the Caltex sell diesel with up to 2% biodiesel as well.



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