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  • Cursed Pajero

    Picked it up on Friday after the fix.
    Stuffed on Sunday by Sydney's Hailstorm; not one single panel missed, hailstones golf ball size and larger. Certainly makes you think!

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    hail damage

    Hi Mal, so sorry to hear that! I was also concerned last week but luckily our areas were safe from hailstorm. Hope things will go better in the future for your Paj.


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      You poor bugger. Does that mean your insurance company gets you a new one?
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        Thanks, I'm in a state of shock at the moment, can't believe it. I lodged a claim with AAMI, they have so many claims they are sorting out how they will deal with them, even felt sorry for the poor guy. I was on hold or 1 hour and twenty minutes and he said there were 132 on hold after me. Guess our premiums will go up after this. I don't know how they can fix it even the A pillars are dented, they will have too put a new roof on it and I'm not sure I would be happy with that. The only panels without dents are the tailgate and the plastic bits. Great Christmas present!


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          Hi Mal.
          Sorry to hear about the hail damage.
          Were I work at Tweed Heads, we have repaired numerous vehicles damaged in the recent storms at Lismore. Many have had replacement roofs, rails etc replaced & the finished product has been excellent.
          I hope you find a good repairer. It looks like Sydney is in for more mad weather. You are copping the weather which usually affects us on the far north coast.

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            Paintless dent removal

            CJ's Dent Removals Pty Ltd
            U1/ 7 Production Rd Taren Point 2229
            (02) 9526 6324

            I know this guy from several years camping at South West Rocks. He camps next to us over the same period each year (Australia Day).

            His name is Craig Johnson, real Aussie but seems to know his stuff, He'll give you a fair appraisal on what can or can not be fixed. It is worth talking to him, mention the connection, he is no doubt pretty busy given the hail storms.

            I don't think that Dents on the A pillars can be fixed this way though, the technique is about getting in from behind the dent and pushing tapping in the right place, can't do that with the pillars.
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              Thanks guys
              at the moment I am awaiting instructions from AAMI, I have had a friend who is a panel beater and he thinks that the dents can be removed as you suggest. He has given me the name of a guy who has done work for him so when I hear from AAMI I will contact him and see if I can get a quote from him, Unfortunately I reckon everyone of these guys is going to be might y busy so it could be a while before I get anything done.
              In the meantime, the car seems to be a bit more sprightly with the fix done, haven't had a chance to look at fuel consumption. If anything it might be a little noisier but with a different character to the rattle, a bit gruffer maybe; all very subjective and you would have to drive vehicles back to back to be sure.


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                That`s tough mate - It missed us - ( Liverpool ) but only just.Our NRMA policy offer a new replacement if your car i written off in the first 2 years which is the reason why we went with them.I assume most of the other big companies have this too.Hopefully it`s bad enough that you get a new one.
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