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  • Towing

    Hi all, just found this web site, fantastic!
    I?m just about to sign on the dotted line to purchase a SWB petrol NS. Having read a few of these threads I now have some concerns about towing. I do a lot of towing (a couple of recreational jet boats) and want to know if it is true about not being able to open the rear door! Any help to clarify this would be appreciated, ta.
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    it really depends, if you use a standard hitch in the normal configuration(i.e angled down for a normal height trailer) you will have no problems at all. I use the hitch facing upward with a Treg Hitch for my really high camper and i can't open the door all of the way with the camper hooked up, but i can still get stuff out of the boot, just not really large stuff.
    I hope this helps
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      Shorty, going through the same questions/answers myself, as a newbie to Pajeros. This info's based on the feedback I've received from folks on this site, so I'm only repeating what I've discovered or understood/misunderstood as the case may be.

      Using the standard tow ball hitch, with hitch in normal configuration, will apparently require a spare wheel lifter (it's a dealer fit accessory) to allow the rear door/wheel to clear the trailer coupling and open fully. However, use of the spare wheel lifter will not allow tyres larger than standard 265/60R18 or 265/65R17 to be used, as they won't fit in the hard spare wheel carrier, without mods to the carrier and/or deflating. The majority of AT tyres are 265/70 and larger (although there are 2-3 brands that do the OEM size), so you might run into some problems there if you want to fit a larger tyre. Not sure whether wider tyres will fit in the hard case either - but I haven't asked that question yet.

      If you're planning on using a Treg coupling (which stands taller than the traditional ball type), and larger AT tyres like me, or are going to invert the hitch (which is reportedly not good practise as it's not designed to operate in that manner), then whichever way you cut the cake, you ain't going to be getting that rear door open easily, or be able to use the lifter and easily shut the spare wheel carrirer.

      So I'm not going to be ordering the tyre lifter, as I reckon it'll be a waste of money - and I'll put up with the incovenience of not being able to open the rear door - I only tow for about 6-7 weekends a year so it's no big drama. However, it can be fitted afterwards, so I may investigate that option once I've got the car, and actually seen in practise what the problems are.

      Hope that helps, and as I said, only based on the feedback from forum members who have experienced this problem.

      Cheers ... Kimbo


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        they tow jet boats just fine

        see piccy
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          Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.
          I guess I?ll just have to play it by ear a bit with this issue. It sounds like there are some solutions available that will go part way to solving this problem. Besides, no two trailers are the same really anyway. I?ll let you know how I get on.
          Thanks again for your comments.
          Matthew, I got your P.M the other day, thanks.
          What did you think of the offer put to me re: 2006 plate SWB petrol?
          (nice photo by the way)
          SWB NS-R (Subsidised) V6-Petrol, G/Metal Grey, Rear locker.


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            Whether or not the back door can be opened also depends a lot on where you're parked. If the trailer/caravan/boat/camper's wheels are on ground that is higher than the Pajero's, or if the Pajero is parked facing up a hill and the trailer is on level ground, then getting the door open more than a little is pretty unlikely. This is not uncommon with side-hinged rear doors, and when I had a 100 series LC it could also be problematic when dropping the bottom part of its barn-style door.

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            My original Pajero experience - '90 NG Superwagon, 3.0 V6 manual bought new and kept until 1998. Great vehicle, no problems apart from the noisy valve lifters typical of that engine.


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              By the look of your photo the top of the hitch on your trailer is higher than the bottom of the door and tyre, which would stop you opening the door very wide.

              Is this correct.


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                it depends on which trailer i have on, but that trailer on most surfaces lets me open the door quite wide indeed.. my other trailer will open all the way. my spare has not been lifted.

                i know some people cannot open much at trailer hitches must vary a bit..
                SWB NT X DiD its R E D

                SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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