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  • reliability

    i purchased my pajero vrx brand new when i moved from the uk in march this year,since then i have had loads of trouble.i look after it,clean it and it still looks brand new having covered 28k km's.the second day i had it the rear tire blew out,from then onwards the seat mechanism for folding the middle seats snapped,the gas strut on the rear door broke,one of the seatbelts had to be replaced,one front fog lights filled with water,one of the rear air vents in the roof fell out,the passenger door illumination light near the bottom of the door fell off ,ive had a recall on the torque converter and finally last week it cut out and i had to be towed to the dealers,some problem with cylinder 4 not firing on petrol and blowing it out of the exhaust.the best thing is, its never been off road,i couldn't imagine taking it off road, i would have to get a mate to follow me with a trailer to pick up all the bits the had fallen off,has anyone else had similar issues,thanks peter

    is it just mine or are these junk

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    Sounds like you have bought a Monday car!

    I have not had any of these problems with my VRX. It is diesel so you may have read about some issues with the DPF but I have been fortunate not to suffer from this problem. Other than that I have done nearly 16,000km in 8 months with no real major hiccups.

    Sorry to read about your problem. See if you can push for the "lemon" rule on new large purchases.
    2007 NS Pajero LWB, Tow pack, FP, 18" rims. A great family adventure car.


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      can you imagine..

      how long the list of problems would have been if you had bought a Landrover.
      But really other than the engine doesn't really sound like major problems, Admittedly, more than your fair share.

      Why did the rear tire blow out?

      Dan C
      Dan C; Stock NS Exceed DID Auto w T'bar, Magellan Explorist XL w DAST topo, Tom Tom One


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        theone??.I sympathise with your run of problems with your VRX Paj. Almost unbelievable as I reckon they are usually a very reliable well manufactured vehicle. Have a 2003 Paj from new & nothing whatsoever has faulted. I don?t think the tire blow out is a Paj related problem & having a new tire fail is inexplicable, but as for the rest?..I hope that?s the end of the problems because you?re damned unlucky so far. Have had about twenty new vehicles & some have been lemons, a few faultless?the Paj being one of them!


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          Just like to add:

          I would be interested to know the build date of your vehicle. In November ?06 Pajero manufacture was possibly a lesser quality with production going from day shift only, to a second shift [afternoon]. There are always problems when suddenly 50% of the production workers are new to the job. That is no excuse but with vehicle manufacture, it?s always the quality control people versus the production people. The latter are predominant until things settle down?..I would always wait several months before I bought any new model!


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            hi guys,
            thanks for the replies and hopefully my run of bad look is over, the tire that blew out, just blew out of the sidewall on a bend, litterally 50k's after I had picked it up from new, for no apparent reason,there was nothing that went in to it and punctured it as far as I am aware and I checked the pressures on the other tires and they were all ok. thanks peter


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              It might have been damaged during pre-delivery.

              When I bought the NP, the Rear Bumper was replaced at the 1500km service, because they'd backed into something and punched a hole in the rear bumper during pre-delivery at the dealership.
              Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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                I sympathise with your early experience. I bought a new Subaru Liberty some years back which gave me all sorts of grief. In the first SIX weeks of ownership it had that many issues that I traded it in on a Mazda and lost $6000!!! Each time it needed something fixing I would think "it'll be right now", but no, the dramas continued.

                I would advise nowdays that if you continue with problems, take it to the dealership you bought it from, chain it up to the front door and demand your money back!


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