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    Sorry to just lob on in and ask for some help - but I'm a bot stuck. We just purchased a new NS pajero CDI. Picked it up last week, had the first servcie done, and have just (today) left for our holidays from Cairns to Brisbane. Got as far as Cardwell, and noticed this really strong smell of diesel coming into the cabin. It has progressively gotten worse, although it is spasmotic, and seems to only occur under load - we are towing a 2+ tonne van.

    So, we've shacked up here in Townsville, and taking it to the dealer tomorrow. Problem, is like most of these things, I can;t find a diesel leak anywhere - and I can almost hear what they are going to say.

    Any advice, or help would be greatly appreciated~


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    check around fuel filter and heat exchanger area for fuel, use your fingers to feel for the diesel leak.... i am sure the dealer can manage this problem
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      Do you have the Aircon set to Fresh Air - not Recirculate ?

      In the Fresh position it will be drawing air below the windscreen, but even if the Engine Compartment were filled with Diesel fumes, they would not get inside.
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        Same Here!

        Hi Jason, I'm having a similar problem. NS GLX petrol Auto, 3 months 4000kms old. Since new I get an exhaust (rotten egg gas) smell through air con vents. Not constant (few seconds), all windows & outside vents colsed, 60-100kmh with no other traffic around. It mostly happens when powering on. I have also approached Mitsubishi for answers without luck as it is hard to demonstrate. I would like to hear how you have got on with you efforts.


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