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Rear Window Protection Screen

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  • Rear Window Protection Screen

    Anyone know of where I can get a rear window protection screen for the NS?

    I'm after a polycarbonate version (or whatever else works) to protect the rear screen from stones rebounding off the camper trailer.

    From the research I've done there is a guy from a place called "obies outback" who does them for about $275, but hasn't got one for the NS yet.

    The only issue with my vehicle fitted with a rear dust deflector is that it might be a bit of a hassle to fit.

    If I can't get one, I'll make one up with some of that corflute plastic stuff (the stuff they make 4 sale signs from).

    (Note: I don't have a stone guard on the trailer yet - but without one I can open the rear door, and I figure there isn't a lot of paintwork on the rear door that can get chipped anyway - I don't know what the stones will do to the plastic! I'm open to any suggestions - but I think its important to have the rear protection screen).

    Cheers, Mikens
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    The paintwork below the window will still be damaged.

    I did 19,000 km through central Australia without a mark on teh rear of teh vehicle. I fitted a screen made of shadecloth between trailer and towbar and supported by Occy straps along the sides.
    Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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      I contacted obies outback a couple of days ago and yes he did not have one for the NS but was going to look in to it and get abck to me - I hope.

      If so I will put details here.

      In my last two outing I busted a screen each time.
      1 back one from a stone off the camper and recently the front one from some one else shooting up stones on the bloody Pacific highway

      Like you I am on the look out.



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        I just use one of those reflective sunshades you put on the windscreen when parked in the sun, cut to shape and held on with some Gaffer tape.
        Cheers, John.
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