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  • SWB V6 Fuel Economy

    Hey guys

    Since having the car from new ive never had a chance to test the fuel economy with out towing a trailer as i rarely use a full tank without towing something for work

    I noticed that towing in city conditions i average abot 18L/ 100km

    and i just did a tank over the break, country driving, aircon on and about 200kg in the back and still only averaged about 16L/100km

    Is mitsubishis figures based on and empty car with no air con and 1 small japanese driver? because i have never got more than 360km out of my tank (refill 60L at a time?)

    Has anyone else got any figures?

    While in the dunes i used 30L to 97km. expected i spose there.
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    Manufacturer's figures not the real world

    Mitsubishi?s figures are for a set drive on a vehicle dynamometer controlled precisely by a graph of varying speed versus set distance. The vehicle is prepared the day before & driven on the dyno as per the test, allowed to soak overnight, & officially tested next day. The test cannot be repeated to get a better result

    The obtained fuel cosumption figure is for a comparison with other vehicles conducting exactly the same procedure, same ambient temperatures & pressures, resistance loads etc. It was not meant to give you the expected figures in the real world?it is a test for comparison purposes giving an official consumption on a precise test.

    Determining accurate consumption on the road is extremely difficult. When a manufacturer does do such tests the vehicle is fitted with between $50,000 & $100,000 of accurately calibrated equipment. The driver, road conditions, ambient conditions, & you name it, means it varies tremendously?.test Mitsubishi vehicles run 24/7 on Aussie roads during development, for thousands of kms prior to the test. Pajeros accumulate k?s
    on a vehicle dyno with robotic control before test

    No, the aircon is off during test & driver weight doesn?t matter as the vehicle is sandbagged to an official mass.

    One point that I haven?t seen raised is the inaccuracy of service station fuel bowser fuel quantity measurement, but it can go either way.


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      Cheers. my xr8 ute used to get better economy even when towing so did my old NH paj.

      I always fill the car to the brim and always use ultimate 98
      ROGUE PAJ Daniel NS X SWB V6 Pajero ARB Bull Bar, IPF 800XS Spotties, GME TX3420 CB, Dual Batteries, Custom Roof Rack, ROH RTX 16" Rims, 265 75R16 BFGoodrich A/T, 35mm Dobinson coil lift


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        In heavy traffic driving which is most of the driving I do, unfortunately I average 21L/100km, however I just got back from a week long trip of highway driving and managed to average 11.2 which was pretty good (all done without towing anything).
        NS SWB-X, Nudge bar, Towbar, Sunroof, GPS, Rear cam


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          Wow, you guys must have a lead foot. Theres too many police around Syd for me to drive like that. I get about 15-16L/100km, depending on the aircon status. Thats pure city driving, but i find things dont improve much in the country because i am moving faster, and pajeros have brick like aerodynamics.


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            Just been to qld from sydney and back and got 560L to a tank.
            city driving average 410L a tank


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              Originally posted by brett_05 View Post
              Just been to qld from sydney and back and got 560L to a tank.
              city driving average 410L a tank
              Mmm what where you driving? Doesn?t sound like a V6 SWB with those mileage figures!.

              Rogue Paj, I also haven?t? yet done a full tank without towing (except the first 1000 k's or so to run her in) and it seems I will be struggling to get to the 400 km mark with my SWB petrol.
              SWB NS-R (Subsidised) V6-Petrol, G/Metal Grey, Rear locker.


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                Word! I used to have a VY SS ute and it had better economy than my NS. I could get the ute to use 12L/100k in light traffic if I put put around in 6th gear often enough. Freeway driving was around 10L/100k Not bad for a 5.7L motor.

                As for the NS.. my average since I bought it is 14.4L/100k. In city conditions with light traffic and light foot it stays around the 14L-15L mark. Heavier traffic or heavier foot incurrs figures in the 16L-18L range.

                I've started cycling to work every now and then so that I can justify keeping the pajero

                Originally posted by Rogue Paj View Post
                Cheers. my xr8 ute used to get better economy even when towing so did my old NH paj.
                NS Shortie, Petrol Guzzler, Tow-Bar, Nudge-Bar, Rear Diff Lock, Rhino Sports roof bars, Newbee 4x4 Driver.


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                  Thread revival....

                  This is one of the biggest concerns I had when we were looking for a new SWB. I really wanted the DiD but my fiance wanted the V6 Petrol. The $$ saving in getting a good secondhand V6 more than makes up for the extra cost in fuel in the long run with the cheapest equivalent DiD model we could find being about $8,000 more expensive.

                  The one we bought had 55,000km and in immaculate (stock) condition with bugger all prior off road use.

                  Anyway, when we picked it up it had about 1/3 tank so we drove it around and got used to it for a few days then filled it when the light came on.

                  The first full tank of fuel netted showed 14.1L/100km from the trip computer but in reality - 466km from 63.3L was the actual figures. (which strangely equates to 13.6L/100km) - I am not sure if the trip computer was accidently reset during that time, so that may explain the difference.

                  Fuel was Shell V-Power 98RON

                  The second tank (about 220km through so far) is currently sitting on 13.9L/100km on the trip computer, so it looks fairly consistanrt

                  It's all been mainly (non peak hour) suburban Sydney driving so far, but starting this coming week it will be used for peak hour commuting for a few weeks - so will report back with those figures


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                    Over 11500 km mine has averaged 14.64L / 100km in predominantly suburban driving with a best tank of 13.3 and a worst of 16.9 (although that was a short distance between fills with a lot of short trips, the next worst is 15.7). Cold starts and being stopped in traffic are the economy killers. Provided you are moving (even slowly) in traffic it is not bad.

                    I reset the Manual calculation (last 4 hours of actual engine running) at each fill and find it very accurate over a tank. It would be within 0.2L/100km (which is far better accuracy than our Golf which indicates 7.5L/100km but in reality is 8.8). I use 95RON.
                    ZH Outlander VRX previously NS X V6 - RDL


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                      Yeah, I have to RTFM to work out the difference between the AUTO and MANUAL trip computer settings... I just reset them both at the same time..
                      Which one is the right one to reset at every refill ??
                      Does the other one keep recording the average until it's reset ??


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                        Yes, the Auto will only record the past four hours. The "auto" part of it is that it resets itself after a prolonged period of no driving (eg overnight) so the graph starts at zero again.

                        The MANUAL is recording an average from when you reset it until you press the reset again. The Graph, however, will still only show the past 4 hours of recording.

                        I thought when I first read the manual it said they both only record the past four hours, which I thought was pretty dumb, but no - it's only the graph.

                        So if you want an accurate fuel figure over a month, or over a prolonged multi-fuel-fill journey - reset the MANUAL one and leave it until the trip/ month is over. Personally, I reset the MANUAL one each refuel, as to reset the AUTO one I'll loose the data overnight...

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                          Dont forget that with stock tyres they read about 6 odd kph over the true speed @ 100kph. (ie 100 indicated is about 93~95 actual. Sometimes the trip computers are calibrated differently to the speedo, or they can also take their distance / speed readings from GPS.

                          MSF - it depends on the K's you do. We travel 25,000k + per year and I did all the figures when changing from an NM V6 to an NP DID. Factoring in everything - fuel costs, service costs, lease costs etc - we are about $2,200 a year better off driving the diesel. Probably more so now that the diesel vs ULP disparity is a lot closer.

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                          2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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                            Awesome, thanks for the explanation..

                            I generally like to reset it every fill as we keep a very detailed log book of all fuel used and km travelled etc, so getting the long term averages is not a real big problem as they are all keyed into an excel spreadsheet every month anyway..


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                              I think the problem is the weight. A SWB Pajero standard weighs about the same as an 80s series landcruiser or nissan patrol. My SWB even weighs more than my 1974 LWB 2wd F250!. I spose all those airbags electrics and leather and seat warmers and Traction control cogs and motors add up. Still suprising though i thought given that The Shortie doesnt have a full chassis. Either way i still average 420km from 60L
                              ROGUE PAJ Daniel NS X SWB V6 Pajero ARB Bull Bar, IPF 800XS Spotties, GME TX3420 CB, Dual Batteries, Custom Roof Rack, ROH RTX 16" Rims, 265 75R16 BFGoodrich A/T, 35mm Dobinson coil lift


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