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MM BullBar on a R

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  • MM BullBar on a R

    Hi All,
    I'm a newbie to this site and this is my first post.
    I bought an R SWB early on last year and had the Mitsu Bull Bar and side steps fitted.
    The bar doesnt fit - made for flared arches looks a real mess. Fighting with Mitsu to get it put back to original spec (and get my money back) - already removed the side steps cos they have bowed - dont do the clearance any favors either.
    My question - does the smartbar use parts of the original bumper? It looks like the small panels under the lights are reused. Additionally does anybody know if they make a version for the R?
    Other than that, great car. As a 2 year resident (pom) I'm using it to really see some of the country and get away from the cities into the bush.

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    Re smartbar, check out this thread:
    In short - yes they do cut up your plastic bar, but others on the forum have talked about having something made up - or seeing if they can buy the infill panels from MM.

    Good luck with it.

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      Hi Danny,
      As far as I know the only parts that are re-used are the fog lights if they were originally fitted. I know that they have to cut away part of the flair guard and bumper to make it fit, but the ARB bar is no different. Maybe someone who has actually had a bar fitted will be able to comment better on this.
      Also as far as the NS goes i'm pretty sure that the A-Pillar forward all the versions are the same (with the exception of fog lights and head light washers depending on trim level, but I'm pretty sure that these aren't on the R) so getting a bar shouldn't be an issue.
      If anything have a search in this section of the forum, there are a few threads relating to bull bars with plenty of information in them. You should be able the answers to all your questions, plus a whole lot more!!
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        Hi - they don't make a Smartbar for the R model only X where there are flares.

        However they do say that you can install on the R but there is a 10mm hang over each side .



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