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  • Robe trip

    Just got back from a week at Robe. The Pajero performed great on the sand and power and torque of the diesel really made thing easy. I was down there with a group of Landrover Discovery owners and 1 Prado. We had a few drags on the beach as well as up a couple of sandunes and I was happy that the Pajero easily outpowered both the chiped TD5 and the V8 Disco's. Unfortunatley the D4D Prado blew me away on a standing I think I need a chip.

    The Goodyear Silent Armours were great on the sand as well. I ran them at 17psi and the bagged out nicely and floated a lot better than the others with MTR's. The nwe suspension worked great with everyone commenting that the ride in the rough stuff was a lot better than the Disco's and even better than the Prado. The only negative is that we drove on a couple of dirt roads that were badly corrogated. While the ride was great, there was a loud booming resonance coming from inside at the back of the vehicle. The car was empty so hopefully when we go outback and have the car loaded upit will deaden this sound.

    For those that have been to Robe, you will know that the trip from Robe to Beachport is a lot of fun but has some very soft sand. This year it seemed to be softer than it has ever been. I was pretty happy getting 16.8l/100km for the trip down and back.

    I towed an 18' van from melbourne and got 15.8l/100km on the way down and 16.1 on the way back. I have nothing to compare it too but I think that is ok economy.

    Sorry, I didn't take any pics but I will post some up that others took when I get them.


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    Sounds like you had a ball Adam.
    Good to see you are getting out there.
    I was only thinking yesterday that i would like to do that trip.
    Good to hear that the NS handled the soft stuff as well. I have had mine in the sand dunes a few times now and haven't bogged her yet.

    I'll keep an eye out for when you post those pics when you get them.

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