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VRX Wireless headphones

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  • VRX Wireless headphones

    I am chasing an extra pair of wireless headphones.
    Can anyone tell me if there is a cheaper option out there or am I stuck with purchasing as original from Mitsubishi.


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    G'Day Troy,
    Welcome to the forum.
    There is a post somewhere on here with a few different options.
    From memory Mitsu will replace them for you, or you can buy some from Dick Smith, Tandy's, etc...
    Use the search button and you should be able to find the post.

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      Hi Troyp,

      There are various sets - singles - for between $80 and $100. You get the sender with them that you don't need to use in the car but thems the breaks...

      Mine are Sony MDR IF 140, which are about $79 (I think). I have three sets and I am using them instead of the replace Mitsubishi sets (already had the originals break).
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        Thanks for the info much appreciated


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          I just had my second one replaced today at no cost from Mitsubishi, not sure how long I will be able to keep having them replaced at no cost.

          There is some suggestion of a new design coming out.

          Still the same design though, with the same design fault on the plastic slide which has a weak point.

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            Just keep taking them back, I have my fourth broken pair to take back. Can't blame the kid this time, it was my wife that snapped them.
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              We have replaced just 1 set as well but only because I won`t let the kiddies use them anymore unless we are going on a trip. Otherwize I reckon we would have sent company broke by now.
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