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Rumble/Dickie Seat for NS Pajero

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  • Rumble/Dickie Seat for NS Pajero

    Two weekends ago I took the Pajero out for it's first off road outing. A great day and will go back. But this is not about the trip.

    Before the trip I took out the rumble seat and packed for the trip with fridge etc. The seat of course went into the garage. I did not put the seat back into the car when I returned.

    Unfortunately last Sunday the garage went up in smoke, taking the seat with it to the great ash pile in the sky. No-one is hurt, lots of stuff is gone but I am now without a rumble seat and ... yes I need one given the number of family members.

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there with an NS Exceed Pajero with Black leather trim that would like to part with their rumble seat and headrests (with some exchange of currency of course). If so, can you let me know/PM me.
    NX Exceed

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    Gee thats some bad luck there athino.

    I am sure someone will want to sell theirs, there is a lot of people who take them out and use the space for storage.

    Anyway glad no one was hurt and hopefully someone can help you out.


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    * Comming Next: A For Sale Sign!
    * Pajero now sold!


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      I would consider it, but I have the cream interior.

      I will never use the 3rd row seats and don't even have them in the car, but I think you probably need them for resale later on. But maybe someone could "lend" them to you until they need them back.


      2010 Prado ZR 150 SWB
      1987 Range Rover Ute

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        There is one on Ebay off a 2002 paj..
        Heres the link.
        2007 GLX DiD Manual Black.


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          Thanks hsagar,

          I've asked them whether they will sell separately. Do not really need the full set. Waiting on a reply.
          NX Exceed


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