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  • NS SWB Diesel

    GDay All,
    I'm after some honest opinions on the SWB, both the X and R models as i'm keen on buying one for my first car... I do a fair amount of towing (1500kg boat) and this 4x4 seems perfect based on its smaller size for parking in Sydney, yet 4x4 ability for muddy work sites and weekend/ long trip fun. Despite the DPF problems and some reviews about the Diesel, i would rather this option as i'm sick of only getting 350kms from a tank in a commodore, and i don't believe the petrol Paj is much better in regard to consumption.

    I look forward to hearing your comments, both good and bad!

    2007 NS SWB X DiD

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    My experience with a NS R Shorty DID has been very good. 15000kms on the clock, no DPF issues, good economy at 10l/100 without towing and great towing performance averaging about 13~14l/100 towing a 1000kg camper. It really does tow the trailer effortlessly, without much SWB pitching etc. As a 4WD, it is a joy, going anywhere I have pointed it with out damage, with the departure angle a bonus over the LWB.
    I love it, and as a vehicle for 1~2 persons it would be hard to beat.
    NM GL Diesel (Tourer)
    NS Pajero (Tar Baby)


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      I got the NS SWB R diesel and have found it to be a great car on the road. After 2000 or so kms and 3 tanks of diesel I'm averaging around 9.6 l/100km, mainly for highway driving. It has most of the luxuries you need, the X I think gets leather seats, HID lights and some extra airbags.

      At the moment I haven't seen the dreaded DPF light, so hopefully that won't be a problem. I agree that the petrol version wouldn't have a very large touring range which is why I went with the diesel. But a week or so ago one the dealers in Brisbane was advertising a Demo petrol version for about $34,000, add a long range tank for $1500-$2000 and that would have been a pretty cheap vehicle with a decent range.

      Bye Jeff.
      NS Pajero SWB R, Diesel, Automatic, BFG AT/KO's, AirTech Snorkel, LRA Auxillary Tank, Dual Batteries, Thule Aerobars & Roof Box.


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        go for the X model,heaps of gear for the money (thanks to the LWB guys sponsorship) and they are excellent tow trucks, as you say just great for commuting and city manouvering
        SWB NT X DiD its R E D

        SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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          I wouldn't touch a SWB diesel until they sort out the DPF issue, I have been hit with the dreaded DPF and engine light prob. Lucky I was out of the forest otherwise I would not have got up the hill in safe mode. I am pushing to get the DPF removed, an unnecessary piece of ****.
          NS, SWB, Diesel, Smartbar, Spare wheel lifter, sidesteps, aux battery, CB, Long Range Tank.


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            barry you are by far the minority, not everyone of the swb has a dpf issue, esp since the fix culled most problems..
            SWB NT X DiD its R E D

            SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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              Thanks everyone, the info is helpful!

              There are a lot of comments about the noise of the Diesel, how are you all finding it? I personally don't mind the idea of driving a car that sounds like a truck, but if it is intrusive it may get annoying...any thoughts?
              2007 NS SWB X DiD


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                since the ecu re map for a clatter, i find it very pleasant and with the auto the drive line/engine is very smooth/impressive even. it may not be truck like enough for you
                SWB NT X DiD its R E D

                SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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                  Shortys a great 4WD as for diesel knock have a listen to some of the other brands around im sure you will find the Pajero much quieter.

                  Regards Andy


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                    I feel a lot better hearing the good reviews. I'm keen to go for a diesel and get the long range fuel tank. Thinking of driving up to the Whitsundays/airlie beach area mid year so will be keen to have the car fitted out with some you beaut gear by then!!!

                    Just another question, does the rear door clear a standard towing hitch (handle on top of hitch type?) when the trailer is attached?

                    Is there a pajero club in sydney?
                    2007 NS SWB X DiD


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                      Just another question, does the rear door clear a standard towing hitch (handle on top of hitch type?) when the trailer is attached?QUOTE]

                      It won't clear unless you get the spare wheel lift kit. And if you're thinking of getting larger tyres fitted say 265/70/17 then you may have trouble fitting that as the spare wheel with the lift kit in place.
                      2002 100 Series to suit the growing family

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                        Hi Daniel.

                        Had my SWBDiD since April 07 and I love it.

                        Highway economy 10/100 km, towing my 3.8 tinny (front steer, 25 HP, fully loaded) or a fully stacked trailer, up to 13/100.

                        The best thing about towing is that it has so much grunt, you just don't know you are towing anything.

                        Going up steep hill in H4WD is such a breeze, haven't had to use L4WD yet (waiting for decent rain to test that). Again, the motor has so much low power, it just ticks along.

                        I was also dubious about buying an auto, but the auto is brilliant, and no regrets.

                        The SWB is very manouverable too, and easy to negotiate tight spots in the bush.

                        My only dissappointment is the drivers seat which I think is a bit soft on the sides and seems to be compressing from getting in and out. (I am 95 kg).

                        I had some initial minor DPF issues, but now fixed, and seems quieter etc. Note that I have had NO other items requiring attention in 17,000 km.
                        SWB R DiD


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                          You won't be disapointed in the diesel shorty this is my first diesel 4x4 personally I like the up high power of the petrol but the grunt low down and the fuel economy easily over come my need for up high power. Personally I have the X model on long trips I have gotten the economy down in the 8.5L/100 range normal stop start country town type of driving get a lil over 10L/100.

                          If you are good at packing you can get 4 people in plus gear for a trip away assuming you have learnt what you really do and don't need just remove the single seat from the back three.

                          Towing is a dream fully loaded trailer plus kayaks acting as air brakes pulls away even up steep hills past 110km/h also pulls the horse float without breaking a sweat.

                          As for the noise I personally don't even notice anymore defintely less clatter after the update but even still at cruising RPM you can hardly hear it. Most reviews seem to be conducted by people biased towards the rep of toyota and nissan.

                          Offroad it is far superior to the LWB and although I have had some issues I have been fortunate to never have any problem with the DPF in 17k kms. personally if you can handle the extra dollars for the X go for it otherwise the R is still a fantastic truck which will bring a smile to your face every time drive it.
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                            SWB DiD got 4x4 of the year and "wagon"? of the year in 2007 in NZ
                            SWB NT X DiD its R E D

                            SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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                              I have a VRX SWB DiD, with a heavy duty towbar, the door will clear the "handle on top" type hitch, there is a kit that lifts the spare wheel to give you easier access to the hitch handle. By the way I think the SWB is a great vehical, I drive in the western Sydney suberbs, get about 600k to the tankfull (9.7 L/100k) you wont get close to that in the petrol version.

                              I don't think there is an active paj club in sydney


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