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Purchase Advice on GLX 3.2L T/D 2008

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  • Purchase Advice on GLX 3.2L T/D 2008

    Hi everyone. I've been reading the threads with keen interest. My wife and I are test driving a new GLX T/D tomorrow and I would really like to hear some of your thoughts on this model. Personally, I like the vehicle for these reasons: towing ability, safety, economy and longevity of the t/d. The only issue will be whether my wife can drive it. At the moment, the other contender is the Mazda CX9 - which my wife likes to drive. The Kluger drove like a real 4x4 and she hated it.
    My concerns at the moment are its reliability, any known issues, does its gearbox etc have a solid reputation??
    I would really appreciate your thoughts - good and bad.
    Thanks in advance
    Jon & Nat (and little 5 month old Riley)

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    the drive train has been around for years and has a solid rep. the ns is a great 4x4, had been discussed to death here esp with ref to the prado.. pajero seemed to come out on top for awesome value for money. jump in!
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      Definatley go for it. I really love my Pajero and it handles so well on the road you would think it was a car.

      I am a bit worried about the Klugar comment though!
      I don't really think of the Klugar as a real 4WD, its an AWD not a 4wd and after driving one I think it drives more like a car (less like a 4WD) than most other 4WD's around.

      I would not put the Pajero and other similar 4WD's in the same class as the Klugar and Mazda. Just the size and shape of the Pajero is going to make it a bit more truck like than other car type 4WD's. But if you want the room inside and be able to take it place you would never take a CX7 then you will be very happy with the Paj.


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        Originally posted by Walker View Post
        I am a bit worried about the Klugar comment though!
        I don't really think of the Klugar as a real 4WD, its an AWD not a 4wd and after driving one I think it drives more like a car (less like a 4WD) than most other 4WD's around. I would not put the Pajero and other similar 4WD's in the same class as the Klugar and Mazda.
        I should have been a little more specific, esp since this is a 4WD site. What I meant was, the Kluger feels more like a larger SUV than does the Mazda. I am not suggesting it is in the same class as real 4WDs. I have since washed my mouth out with deisel oil .


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          Hi Jon, the 3.2 DiD is an excellent engine, we had one in our NM 2002 that we had for 5 years and now the NS.
          Fuel economy will be worlds apart between the NS 3.2 DiD and the Mazda CX9, especially when towing!
          We have only had manuals and my wife loves driving the Pajero, it is easy to drive and handles like a car, unlike most "real" 4WD. I'm sure the CX9 will drive well too, but they are very different cars.
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            I'd recommend it. Done 30,000km in mine with no major concerns. Excellent handling characteristics, great touring vehicle on the open road and feels very safe on the dirt at higher speeds. It doesn't feel big and bulky like other 4wd's and it has a pretty impressive turning circle too. Vision for reverse parking is a little difficult, and so would recommend a reverse camera or sensor if you are doing a lot of that in the city etc. Mike
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              The CX9 is a totally different vehicle to the Pajero. If your wife didn't like the Kluger because it was too big and handled like a 4wd then she won't like the Pajero either.

              In terms of towing, economy, and reliability, then you can't go past the 3.2 DID. My wife really likes driving mine and the gear change and clutch in the manual is very easy to use.

              I agree with the rear vision comment and would recommend a rear view camera also if parking in the city.

              Bit of a tough comparison really. My old man has a CX7 and it's just not comparing apples and apples.

              Hope this helps.
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                Do yourself a favour and take the auto for a test drive.
                Cheers, John.
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                  The latest 4x4 Australia magazine (March 2008) has a few pages on the CX-9 and they thought it was a great 7 seater as long as you wanted to keep to sealed roads or dirt tracks. Apart from the 20" wheels and very little underbody protection, nor any low range, one of the other issues they had from a 4wd perspective with the inability to turn off dynamic stability control, which they claimed made the car unusable in soft sand. At least I think that is what it said - I do not have the magazine with me at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that was the conclusion. However, for normal driving they thought it would be hard to go past this vehicle.

                  A friend of mine just bought a CX-9, even though they were also considering the Pajero - apparently the wife really liked the CX-9 (Luxury pack), and the Pajero they drove from the dealer was apparently so loud they couldn't believe this noise was coming from a new modern car. I told him that it must have been a car yet to have the ECU fix, but in the end the wife's decision swayed the final outcome and my mate decided that perhaps he would not do that much off road driving anyway. I hope for his sake that he is correct, otherwise he will be turning around a lot when they reach 4wd only tracks and can go no further in the bush. From a Mitsubishi perspective they are potentially losing sales by allowing cars to be test driven that are not up to scratch. They are not doing themselves any favours if they actually want more people to buy these cars.
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                    Yes I agree. If I had not been researching on this website before I test drove some cars I think I would have bought the Prado. The Pajero I test drove was soooo loud. But from what I had found out on this site, I knew this was not the case with all of them so I went to another dealer for a test drive it was very very different.


                    2010 Prado ZR 150 SWB
                    1987 Range Rover Ute

                    You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. - Homer Simpson


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                      my NM exceed is just a quiet as a late model commodore executive. only difference is i can go where the holden can,t go.
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                        reading what people say about the noise factor is a bit worrying, any particular cause for this variability in noise and can it be remedied ata later stage ... ?
                        My wife and i ar e also looking at diesel A/T and M/T, and have driven both. She doesn't mind the manual at all, though there are heaps more autos on the market. Because of the future high km's and highway driving we were leaning towards the manual. I felt the manual had slightly better acceleration from the lights etc , but like most people haven't test drove under 4WD conditions.
                        My amateur reading of the specs on trans ratios suggests to me that the manual may be slightly biased toward low speed crawling, while the auto ratios seem to be slightly towards high speed diving . Is my reading correct ??
                        Also the glossy brochures on the NS models says the manuals do not have particulate filters. Is this correct ?? Doesn't sound right to me and we have got conflicting answers from the "experts".
                        Maybe someone has an opinion on which new GLX we should buy...
                        manual - white , with tint + side and curtain air bags + mats 47k drive away
                        auto - red !! , no extras - 48K driveaway
                        auto- silver, no extras - 50K drive away

                        goin crazy thinking about this one and it should be an easy choice!!!



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                          Vicnik - The DPF re-flash fix is said to have also quietened the diesels' rattle down quite a bit. The noise of the Pajero diesels has always bee a complaint but it seems you either love it or hate it. Our rattly around town NP DID is actually quite smooth and refined at highway speed.

                          The autos have slightly higher ratios but dont forget to take into account the final drive ratio (ie - include the diff ratio in the equation). The autos are fine off-road for crawling through the action (slip) of the tourque convertor. I actually wish my NP manual had a lower low-range gear though.

                          And yes - the manuals do not have the DPF, and the turbo is NOT a variable vane type. The auto and manual motors are set up for different torque characteristics.

                          Buy the white one - no DPF to give you grief and easier to keep looking clean!

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                            thanks for your reply

                            Thanks for the advice psproule, it made a few things much clearer. We are leaning twrds the white manual also for safety reasons (curtain air bags). However we have also got conflicting advice about the sensibility of them off road ; eg "they may go off under extreme 4WD conditions"... sounds a bit weird to us . Any one come across this one ??
                            Take your point about final drive ratios etc; the diesel is slightly less power ( a software tweaking ?), but greater torque , so what's the intent + final result of this minor difference ? My guess is that it makes little difference in performance /consumption overall (??)
                            Oh and jonwoody, sounds in a similar position to us except that we have driven 2 manuals and two autos already and my wife loves the " feel " of both cars. We sort of also like the feel of not having a $10000 (??) auto transmission to go wrong when we drive the manual, by the way, even though everyone says they never do.
                            WE looked momentarily looked at a CX9 ( a great car , but doesn't have the robust feel of the [paj ) but realised it would n't give us the 4WD ability of the paj we need to escape from our property once or twice a year when the river is up. The CX9 is roughly the same price as a GLX paj, and you're getting much more car for the money with the paj, we feel.
                            once again thanks


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                              I have an Exceed which has airbags everywhere and been in fairly demanding terrain with no issues re air bags nor would I expect any unless I was bouncing off trees which is not something I intend to do! Never heard of or read any issues anywhere else either.
                              My wife loves the Paj - does not think it is noisy and loves handling/feel which she and I agree is heaps better than her previous Honda MDX for example.
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