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NS and NP suspension, Are they exactly the same?

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  • NS and NP suspension, Are they exactly the same?

    Hi mates. just curious what other similarities does the NS and NP share? suspension and body frame looks the same, so does the windows, roof, transmission and interior panels. would like to hear from owners of both the NP and NS, also the engine what updates were added from the previous 4m41 to the new commonrail equipped 4m41 have. aside from the commonrail and dpf
    2007 NS 3.2 did auto and 1999 NL 2.8 , .

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    The rear quarter panel windows on an NS are a different shape, as is the tailgate window to the NP, not sure about the others though.

    Inside the floor wells are the same (the NP mats fit) - at least Sandgrabber mats are the same for NP and NS.

    The LRE long range tanks from the NP fit from what I have read.

    The roof rack rails are the same, just a different colour.

    That's about the only things I can comment on, not having had a Pajero before this one.
    NS GLX DID Auto, MM alloy bar, Kings Springs 35mm Lift, Polyairs, Cooper ATR Tyres 265/70/17, Spider chip.


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      Hi dunkix,
      Yes the suspension components are the same but the ride quality is certainly an improvement, so the settings or something eles has been tweaked.
      Regards from Col.
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        I Recently read an article in the IAME (institute of automotive engineers)journal and it reckons that the NP and the NS are a completly different vehicle.They say that the only thing the NS shares with the NP is the front windscreen and the 2 front door skins.This is why MMC have classed it as the GEN 4 Pajero as it`s an all new vehicle.


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          The mechanic of the dealer said some of the suspension parts like arms and plates are not the same as the NP.


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            even mitsubishi is marketing this as all new, but there are quite a few pajero enthusiast that disagree that this is an all new model, a friend of mine who owns a gen 3 even told me that the NS is just an updated version, if you think about it, does the gen 1 share any similar parts with the gen 2? or gen 2 to gen 3? maybe only the base engines, but aside from that its all new. unlike the gen 3 and 4 which shared more than one of its components.
            2007 NS 3.2 did auto and 1999 NL 2.8 , .


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              According to some press releases from Mitsubishi, only around 26% of the parts and components of the NP were carried over to the NS. So does this make the NS a 4th Gen Pajero? I don't know


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                I've owned Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pajero's - the only reason the NS is marketed as a Gen 4 is to one-up the Prado.

                There is so much that is the same in practice.
                Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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