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  • diesel additive

    Is anybody adding an additive to their fuel?

    If so what brand would you recommend and what benefits have you noticed.
    I'm asking because the manual states not to add them.

    Why would it say that?

    I have a 07 SWB X 3.2 auto



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    I always believed that the additives were really only of benefit if added to storage - eg. drums etc. Benefits: reduced foaming when poured/pumped; anti fungal/algae action; improved water dispersal. None of them issues for the normal vehicle user.


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      keefymonster, if it was me I would steer away from additives, not that I know anything about them, but purely because the manual says not to use them. You can bet if something went wrong and they discovered you have used a fuel additive it would void the warranty.

      I would think the reason they tell you not to use them is that any development and testing may have been done without any fuel additive, therefore not knowing what issues this may cause, if any at all, they tell you not to use them.

      Your call, but not voiding the warranty should be a priority!!


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        MM would have to "show" that whatever you did caused that particular failure for which you are claiming warranty... it is against the law to say otherwise and they certainly can not remove a warranty wholly because of one part or mod.

        you are also free to use anyone to service your car and still keep warranty if serviced according to the book etc
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