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Turbo hose blew off.

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  • Turbo hose blew off.

    Driving to work this morning in the pissing rain and loud pop and hissing sound.
    Knew exactly what it was only the location wad unknown.
    Turned out to be the outlet hose of the turbo.
    Loosened the clamp and put it back on as good as I could in the conditions!
    Made it to work fine and will now be ckecking all clamps.
    Has this happened to anyone else? Boost was about 14 psi at the manifold. No idea what it was on the other use of the intercooler.
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    I just took my hoses off yesterday and forgot to tighten one of the clamp, thanks for Reminding me to recheck it, LOL. I drove mine around on 17psi boost and fortunately it didn't blow off, so yours Must have been very loose?
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      ive had it lots of times especially after mitsu service i have heavy duty clamps on it now


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        Its Not just MM that forget stuff

        Not as bad as silicone in the timing chain tensioner
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          Sales rep left the yard the other day, returned said he had no power. Had a look found hose off.


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            This just happened to my car. 2nd time in two days. I'm going to put a new hose on, but unsure if there is something else to look for that might be more sinister than an old hose.


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              I had this happen a couple months ago. Happened twice within about 3 weeks

              The first time I don't think I had slipped enough of the hose back over the 'nipple' before tightening the clamp back up. So far being several months later it has not happened again.

              As far as something more sinister, I don't think so.
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                Thanks for this thread. I was out on the track today when I thought I'd got a puncture. I heard a pop and air escaping. Checked the tyres and to my surprise they were fine. I then thought the worst and that is blown the turbo somehow.
                After seeing this, I checked the pipe and found it hanging loose.

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