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Tailgate sensor Faulty? maybe?

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  • Tailgate sensor Faulty? maybe?

    My tailgate light comes on often with the interior lights coming on. Bit annoying at night, plus one night the alarm went off & I'm sure it was cause of the tailgate stuffin around.
    Is there a way of adjusting the tailgate... seems to close solidly, does make a squeek noise over bumps which I suspect is the catch as no wear evident in hinges.
    Also maybe related the Cargo light don't work... no power to it even when the interior lights are on.
    There's evidence previous owner did some wiring in the back... maybe they over rided/diverted power for lighting that's been removed? I don't know where to start.
    Any thoughts?

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    I had the same issue and it was the light switch not having enough pressure to close properly and at times I would have exactly the same symptoms as you.
    My fix although a bit agricultural works nicely and is a coin held in place by blu tack and it just pushes the switch in a bit more.
    Once I had done this it solved the problem.
    Regards Andrew.

    2019 MR Triton bog stock at the moment but that will change.


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      I had the same problem

      If it's squeaking I would say the latch has worn a bit

      it can be adjusted by the latch on the body

      Also that rubber grommet you can see in the photo also seems to take the weight of the door when closed I would adjust that also if it looks like it's doing nothing

      Be careful as you don't need to adjust to much or it will become hard to open
      Just loosen the screws and give it a tap
      NS Pajero Exceed. With stuff


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        I've also had the same problem and did similar to the coin option but instead just stuck a circular felt pad (normally used for the bottom of tables and chairs to stop them scraping on the floor) to the door. No issues since.


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