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2wd or 4wd ?

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  • 2wd or 4wd ?

    I'm relativity new to owning my NS Shorty and wondering if any one just keeps there Pajero in 4WD all the time? Reason for this is I'm very use to my Subaru's over the last 15 years the AWD is so forgiving .The reason I ask is we were up the mountains this week driving on a well maintained bitumen going around a tight hair pin with water across the road from seepage I have traveled this road twice a month for 10+ years and this was the first time I have ever got my bum out. This corner is up hill right -hander and I would have been traveling slower than I would in the Forester .

    So my question is I feel this would not have happened if I had been in 4WD so whats the down side driving the NS in 4WD all the time instead of 2WD ??

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    there is no problem running in 4wd high on bitumen, many have been doing it for years.
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      No real downside. Theoretically you should use a bit more fuel, but it is not measurable in reality. I usually drive in 2 wheel drive, but at the first sign of rain or a twisty mountain road then its into 4wd.
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        Originally posted by lizard View Post
        whats the down side driving the NS in 4WD all the time instead of 2WD ??
        Slight increase in fuel usage, not much else. I usually grab 4H when it starts raining.
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          alot of guys / gals need to learn to drive that bit slower in wet conditions, i have seen so many w2ould be race car drivers on the roads in wet conditions flying around corners etc like there in the dry. you can,t blame 2 wheel drive over 4 wheel drive if your bum slips out on you going round a sharp bend, this is driver error on the gas pedal without doubt. also seen 4 x 4 drivers hit the gas pedal in the wet and what happens is no traction / control as all 4 wheels are spinning just like locking up the brakes in the wet, what happens ? sure if you have 4 wheel drive available use it when you think its needed but don,t think at anytime its going to save you on a wet road with hard corners , bitumin road surfaces can be very un trusty when wet.
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            I used to drive in 2H and chaged to 4H and I have logs from the begining. I couldnt see much difference in fuel consumptions.
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